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Mahogany vs Mango Wood vs Teakwood Furniture – How To Choose

Mahogany Wood

Is Mahogany A strong wood? Mahogany is a hard and very durable wood, which comes in a dark brown color with a bit of reddish tone. The most crucial fact about mahogany wood is that this type of, wood does not get caught by insects or rots.

Because of its hardness, durability, and versatility, it can be used for making any product. But you will notice that it’s mainly used for making furniture.

Some of the most critical parts where this Mahogany wood is used


    You will notice that most of the interior and exterior that comes in boats are made up of Mahogany tree wood. Its water-resistant quality makes it be used for this purpose.


    Various instruments are made up of this wood, as this wood is quite harder and durable because of which it is used for making instruments.


    Some high-quality and expensive type of pen is made up of mahogany wood. These types of pens are highly exclusive and are sold for some highly costly prices.


    As discussed above, this wood is mainly used for the production of furniture. Because of its durability and water resistance quality, outdoor furniture is also produced with the help of this wood.

Other uses

    This wood is used at some other places, also such as for the creation of floors, Pool cues, and doors.

Pros and Cons of Mahogany wood

Although we have discussed Mahogany wood’s uses till now, let us have a look at the Pros and Cons of this wood.


    • The first most crucial point of Mahogany wood to be noted is its high durability. Although products made up of this wood does not need any extra care, but if they take proper care, then the products can stay for a lifetime. If the furniture has some dents or scratches, then you can even take them for refinishing, which will make it as new.

    • If you are trying to find highly durable wood, which is not overpriced, then you should go for Mahogany wood.

    • The next advantage you are going to have with the use of this mahogany wood is that it is fade-resistance. This means if you have any mahogany wood product placed outside in the sun, then there would be no effect of it on the furniture or any other such wood product.


    • There is only one problem with mahogany wood furniture, and it is that you would have to do dusting daily. This is just because of it’s dark and shiny color.

teak wood mango wood table phone chairteak wood mango wood table phone chair

Mango Wood

Is mango wood real wood? As it is clear from its name that this wood is got from the mango tree. There are various factors because of which mango wood is used for making furniture and other such wood product. The first factor is that it’s the speed of growth and lower prices. Some of the places where Mango wood is being used:

    • You will notice that mostly household wood products are made up of mango wood.

    • Some other places where mango wood is used are for the creation of desks, chairs, outdoor or garden furniture, flooring, and many such products.

Pros and Cons of mango wood


    • This is a type of wood with the help of which one can create the furniture within no time. Production of furniture and other such wood products are so easy to create with mango wood.

    • You can easily polish the mango wood and hence can provide it a good texture.

    • Mango wood can become highly durable when applied and protected with various polishes, with the help of which the water-resistance quality would also be enhanced.

    • If you are finding a low maintenance wood furniture at a meager price, then you can go for Mango wood furniture, because you won’t have to provide that regular furniture maintenance.

    • The next advantage of using mango wood is that this wood is easy to work on and hence can be produced within a short interval of time.


    • The first disadvantage of using Mango wood furniture or any other product made up of mango wood is that you would have to provide it monthly polishing, with the help of which you can avoid any cracks.

    • Mango wood furniture will leave color after some time of use.

teak wood mango woof furniture table coffee cup


Teak wood is a type of high-quality, durable, rot-resistant, and a soft kind of wood. The most common use of teak wood is to build interior and outdoor furniture for boats and household purposes. As this is resistant to rots and water, you won’t face any problem with Teak wood furniture like other wood furniture.

Pros and Cons of Teak wood furniture


    • Teak wood is one of the most durable hardwoods that are being used for the creation of furniture and other such stuff.

    • For the creation of various wood products with the help of teak wood, the carpenters won’t have to work so hard, as the production of furniture with this wood is extremely easy.

    • The next most important advantage of using Teak wood is that it’s highly resistant against rots, termites, water, and acids too. So if you are going to use teak wood furniture for household use, outdoor furniture use or any other use, then you will never face any problem with it.

    • As told above that teak wood furniture can be used for outdoor furniture, although indoor furniture of this wood does not need any outdoor maintenance furniture would need some care.


• If you are not aware of it, then let me tell you that teak wood is one of the most expensive woods, which can be used for the creation of furniture and other such wood products.

• The next disadvantage you can face is its availability. If you want to buy furniture made up of this wood, then it’s going to be a hard task for you, as sometimes it’s not available in the market.

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