Your Cat Needs Majesty Palm – No More Headaches

Majesty Palm and Cats

Majesty Plant (Scientific Name: Ravenea rivularis), also known as the Majestic palm, is easy to care for houseplants for your indoor and outdoor space. Their charismatic and timeless tropical looks blend exquisitely well with all types of interior styles.

The leaves of the plant are arched upwards and divided into long thin fingers that form a large and majestic crown-like structure on the top of the plant – hence the name!

Although they are palms and many other palm varieties of trees/plants that usually belong to the desert, the Majestic Palm is native to wet and humid Madagascar areas needless to say that they will need a lot of water to grow and thrive. One of the favorable locations is at the edge of a pond!

Aside from its appearance, the Majesty plant is very robust and requires only little maintenance. It is suggested to keep them out of direct sunlight, they only require part of the sun exposure. If you have a dull corner with only some sunlight shines into it, you are in luck!

Is Majesty palm poisonous to cats? – NO

  • Toxicity Levels for Cats: Very Safe
  • Toxicity levels for kittens: Very Safe

Is Majesty Palm Cat safe?

The Majesty Plant is one of the safest plants for your cats. This timeless and graceful plant that brightens up your home is also the pet of your pet – Yes, you read it right! If you are still wondering about what plant to get for your home, this plant is no doubt a great choice for you.

This is another plant that ranks first on every ‘Safest plant for Pets’ list throughout the world. It also ranks first in the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) list. It is registered as non-toxic to cats, kittens, dogs, pups, and even herbivorous pets such as horses, goats, etc.

For pet owners, especially cat parents, selecting the right houseplants is tough, we often have our pets ‘ safety in mind when purchasing any new plants. Some plants such as the Indian Rubber Plant (Ficus Benjamina-excessively toxic) and the Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa – Midlevel toxic) ooze out extremely toxic saps that can cause major health concerns for your cats, while others like Spider plants have toxicity in their leaves and trunks that could harm your pets or may even cause fatality in kittens. Read more about if Spider plants are ko to keep at home when you have a cat, check out this link HERE.

However, the complete genus (all parts) of the Majesty Plant is nontoxic for all types of pets. This makes the Majesty Plant one of the best houseplants to keep at home, especially if you have a curious pet like a cat!

Why are Cats attracted to Majesty Palm Plants? Is it Cat friendly?

When it comes to the Majesty Plant, be warned – your cat’s obsession with it is real. The leaves dangle low and sway around all the time, inviting your kitties to play with them or, worse chew on them. If something can keep your cat’s curiosity busy as a bee, it is the Majesty plant leaves.

Smaller plants have a soft stem and base which your cats may chew off till it disappears. But not to worry! The stem, trunk, leaves, etc. are all non-poisonous to your cats.

Conclusion: You might need to save the Majesty Plants from your Cats!

The only precaution that you may need to take is when you have kittens. Kittens can chew off all the leaves, and since these are very thin, a ball may form in the mouth, and they choke on the tangled particles.

Symptoms and Signs

  • Very rare choking hazard
  • Other symptoms. None

You do not have to worry if your cat or kitten has eaten any part of the Majesty palm tree since it is nontoxic and harmless. Once the cat vomits out the particles, it usually gets fine. If you suspect that your cat has ingested large amounts of the plant and is experience difficulty in breathing, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Cats and kittens usually recover within a few days on their own after vomiting the foreign particles. If symptoms persist, content your Vet.

Note: The treatment information is not limited to the above. This is a general opinion. For an expert opinion, we recommend you to talk to your pet’s veterinarian. Do not administer medicines to your cat without talking to an expert vet.

Your cats recover after throwing up the excess plant particles from their mouth. If you notice that the symptoms persist, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Majesty Palm placement for Cat Owners

You do not have to worry about the placement of the Majesty plant in your home since they are large and strong enough to withstand your pet’s attacks. Cats and kittens will usually nibble on the ends of the leaves that are closer to the ground and occasionally bite or chew on its stem. This does not call for any type of concern. In fact, they make excellent play companions for your cats.

However, you do need to take care of the plant if it is too small because, as mentioned above, your cats may munch down and destroy the whole plant!

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