Mango vs. Teak Wood. Which One Is Better?

Whenever you are buying wood furniture or wood related items, the two names of woods that you will most likely hear are “mango wood” and “teak wood.”

In this article, we will give you detailed information about both. Can’t decide which one you need? Don’t worry! We got you covered.

Mango Wood

    Mango wood is basically the lumber or wood that comes from mango trees. It mostly comes from old trees that have stopped producing fruit.

    Since the mango trees have a fast speed of growth and can be easily harvested, the mango wood is cheap. The golden-brown colored mango wood is very popular because it is durable and easy to work with.


    The heart of mango wood is in India, and it goes back to four thousand years. During the 4th and 5th Century BC, after its spread all over India, the mango wood was brought to East Asia. Later on, it reached countries such as Brazil, the Philippines, and even Africa.

Major Characteristics

    •The size of the mango tree ranges from 80-100 feet.
    •The diameter of the trunk is about 3-4 feet.
    •Since the mango wood has dense grain, it can be easily re-shaped or cut according to the desire. This is not common in other types of woods.
    •It doesn’t have any odor.
    •The texture of the wood is coarse to medium.
    •The grain of the wood is straight or interlocked at times.
    •Mango wood can be processed right away because it doesn’t require drying.
    •The price of mango wood is very affordable.


    Mango wood is not restricted to furniture only. It is used in a whole bunch of indoor and outdoor household items. It can be used in window frames, door frames, furniture, musical instruments, beds, boards, and you can see mango wood used for paneling and flooring as well.


    •The bark of mango tree has anti-biotic properties
    •Affordable price
    •Appealing texture
    •Doesn’t wear off quickly
    •Capable of receiving high levels of a wood polish
    •Durable in water
    •Widely available
    •Easily waxed or stained


    •The tools can be dulled because of the high silica content of mango wood
    •Not very resistant to air

wooden chairs with long leaf potted plants

Teak Wood

    One of the very unique attributes of teak wood is the high content of the oil. This increases the demand for this wood.

    Teak is a tree that has hardwood, and for a very long time, this wood has been used in boats and bridges because of its high resistance to weather conditions and rot.

    Since it is extraordinarily durable, it is mostly used in outdoor construction. People say that anything built with teak wood is built to last!


    The teak wood originates from South East Asia. It can be found in many countries, including Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. South America, Latin America, and Africa are popular locations of the teak wood.

Major Characteristics

    •The size of the mango tree ranges from 80-130 feet.
    •The diameter of the trunk is about 3-5 feet.
    •It has a leathery odor that can be smelled while cutting.
    •The texture of the teak wood is coarse and uneven, while the luster level may be low or moderate.
    •Mostly, it has a straight grain, but there could be some interlocked or waved grains as well.
    •It does require drying, but the drying is easy.
    •The workability of teak wood is pretty easy.
    •As government regulations are increasing, the price of teak wood is also growing.


    The teak wood is very versatile, but more importantly, it is super strong. Hence, it is mostly used in outdoor construction but is also used in making furniture or indoor items. Turning, carvings, boatbuilding, floor paneling, door, and window frames are some teak wood uses.


    •Used in home remedies
    •Extremely strong and versatile
    •High resistance for weather conditions
    •Termite resistance
    •Easy to glue and polish
    •Used in indoor items and outdoors items


    •Capable of causing skin reactions, pink eye, and nausea

Final Verdict:

    Teak wood is more durable than mango wood, but it is expensive, while mango wood is cheap and is readily available.

    Mango wood cannot last for a long time in outdoor items, and teak wood is built to last. The teak-weak is more resistant. That is why it lasts for a more extended period.

    So, the mango wood is affordable and easy to work with while the teak wood is durable, strong, and moisture-resistant.

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