Non-Toxic Flooring – Why It Is So Important To Your Health

With the help of this article, we are going to discuss toxic and non-toxic floorings, with the help of which you can choose the best type of flooring option for your place.

Will I Be Sick From Toxic Flooring?

Let us discuss what harm you can get with these emitted chemicals.

Asthma attacks

    The first and most noticed health issue that you could face by having toxic flooring installed in your home is asthma. As discussed above, these toxic floorings emit various types of harmful chemicals, which are very dangerous to our bodies.


    If you have any of the above toxic flooring options installed in your home, or you have a headache frequently when you are at home, this could be a sign that your flooring is emitting harmful chemicals.

Coughing and fatigue

    The next problems that you can face with the chemicals emitted from toxic flooring are hard coughing and fatigue.

Ways To Choose Non-Toxic Flooring

There are various non-toxic flooring options, that will never emit harmful chemicals. But before we look at the list of non-toxic flooring, let us see how can one easily find the best match of non-toxic flooring for there place:

  • The first in the list of getting the best match of non-toxic flooring is to find options that you can install in your home. Some of those options are tiles, hardwood, linoleum, and vinyl.
  • While finding non-toxic flooring all by yourself, you could contact your carpenter, with their knowledge, it will be easier to find your perfect match.
  • When you would be installing any flooring type in your home, you should go for eco-friendly grout and other such material. In many cases, it is seen that problems occur because of some harmful grouts and adhesives.
  • Find a better and non-toxic cleaner for your flooring. Once you have installed the floor, you would need to clean it from time to time; there are many types of cleaners, some of which contain harmful chemicals and consequently put adverse health effects. So try to choose a better cleaner for floor cleaning.

Non-Toxic Flooring Options

Ceramic Tile flooring

    The first in the list of non-toxic flooring is this ceramic tile flooring, this is a highly durable and water-resistant type of flooring option, this type of flooring option can bear heavyweights, so there would be no problem of any breakage, dents or bumps.

    Another plus point of Ceramic Tile flooring is that if by chance part of the tile gets broken, you can easily replace it without or removing other tiles.

Vinyl flooring

    The next on the list is vinyl flooring, which is also highly durable and is non-toxic. Vinyl flooring comes in two different forms, you can go for sheet vinyl flooring, or you can go for vinyl tile flooring. Both options are non-toxic and do not produce any harmful chemicals.

    You can have any color or design options with vinyl flooring, some of the most popular designs under vinyl flooring are wood and stone pattern design. If we talk about the price, then you would be shocked to hear that vinyl flooring is a type of budget-friendly flooring option that you can go for.

Hardwood flooring

    The next on the list is hardwood flooring, which is also a non-toxic flooring option. Hardwood flooring is also safe for people who have dust-related allergies, with the installation of hardwood flooring you can get rid of that problem as it helps in purifying the air from any dirt and dust particles. You would be able to get high-quality natural colors with the use of hardwood flooring options.


Is Laminate Flooring Toxic? Why Is It Toxic?

Yes, laminate flooring is a toxic flooring option, which emits harmful chemicals. The main reasons which make laminate flooring toxic are its upper layer and the adhesive which is used during the installation of this flooring.

Both the upper later of laminate flooring and the adhesive used emits various harmful chemicals, which put adverse effects on the health of persons living in the place.

If you ever tried to not use any chemical emitting adhesive, then also you would have to face harmful chemicals because of the upper layer of laminate flooring. You can go for the above-listed flooring options, which are non-toxic and take care of one thing that doesn’t use any harmful adhesive.

Is Vinyl Flooring Toxic?

Vinyl flooring composites of various types of materials, if you are going for vinyl flooring, have a look that is it is made up of processed plastic. Because if it is made up of processed plastic, then it is toxic and will emit various harmful chemicals.

If you could find an eco-friendly and non-toxic vinyl flooring; there would be no issues, and as I mentioned above, remember to always use a non-toxic adhesive that should not emit any harmful chemicals ever.

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