How Good Is An Open Concept Kitchen? 4 Important Pros & Cons

It is quite obvious that “Open Concept Kitchen” hasn’t just fought its way into the contemporary lifestyle; it has indeed become a fast-growing culture; changing the world’s kitchen narrative. You will hardly ever find a modern home without an open concept kitchen.

Even houses that were not initially built with an open concept kitchen, now go through the somewhat hectic process of breaking down their walls to achieve this contemporary kitchen culture.

It can almost be said that a house without an open concept kitchen is archaic and not up to standard because of the apparent conspicuity of open concept kitchens in modern homes.

For those who do not know what “Open Concept Kitchen” is, it is a modern kitchen system that eliminates walls, barriers, and doors that traditionally isolates the kitchen from other rooms in your home.

You can even say it is an exposure concept; that exposes the kitchen to everyone without hiding even the smallest detail. The kitchen is being exposed through the functional areas of a house; living room and dining room.

So having an open concept kitchen allows one to see through the living room, dining room and kitchen. You can literally span your eyes through these functional areas without being obstructed by a wall, a door, or a barrier.

Pros And Cons Of Open Concept Kitchen

In spite of the modernism persona that encapsulates open concept kitchen ideas, there are a couple of pros and cons that attach themselves to it.


The Gist Doesn’t Have To Stop

    One of the amazing things about open concept kitchen is the fact that you can simultaneously prepare delicious meals for your guests and engage them in conversations. You don’t have to keep them on them in the living room, watching fashion channel while you cook.

    An open concept kitchen allows you to do both at the same time. It even allows swift cooking because it has been proven that engaging in interesting conversations while cooking or performing any chores speeds up ones effectiveness.

    So, if you don’t have an open concept kitchen, you might want to sign up for a renovation.

The Visability Effect

    We all know the many perquisites that go along with nursing a baby and having playful kids at home; you have to keep them within your reach at all times to ensure they are playing safe.

    An open concept kitchen gives you an avenue to keep an eye on your toddlers while still focusing on the meal. You won’t have to worry about what they are doing in the living room or what sharp item they’ve gotten hold of. An open c0ncept kitchen allows good visibility in your home.


You Will Be Breaking A Lot

    Apparently transforming your kitchen into an open concept kitchen will take more than breaking the walls of your house, you might have to break your bank account as well.

    Transformation into an open concept kitchen is not as easy as changing a cabinet or a tap lever, it takes a lot. So, are you up for it?

Safety Measure

    You might want to rethink the open concept kitchen idea you’re nursing because you might be putting your kids in danger.

    It means your toddlers will be exposed to the sharp cooking utensils in your kitchen because there’s no barrier that keeps them from reaching the kitchen area.

    Having to keep the harmful cooking utensils in a remote place after use all the time can be a herculean task for you. So an open concept kitchen might not be the best bet for you if you are still nursing kids.

Open Concept Kitchen vs Closed Concept Kitchen

Open concept kitchen cannot pop up without regarding closed concept kitchen.

Closed concept kitchen is basically a closed area kitchen; it is being separated from other functional rooms in the house by a door, wall or a barrier.

Closed concept kitchen is the oldest form of kitchen architecture and as ancient as it may seem, it is still being adopted in many modern homes till date.

Unlike open concept kitchen, closed concept kitchen provides enough privacy to the owner and saves the owner the stress of having to make sure the kitchen is free from the smallest stain possible so visitors won’t have to think lowly of the owner if perhaps a stain s noticed.

Material Suggestions For Your Open Concept Kitchen

There is nothing as disheartening as having to go through the gruesome processes of remodeling and realizing that you used the wrong materials; it can break you into pieces. To avoid such unfortunate narrative, here are some tips to set you on the right track when gunning for the right materials to use during your open concept kitchen renovation.

Stainless Steel Countertops

    If you are looking for durability and low maintenance cost for your countertop, you might want to try out stainless steel countertops for your open concept kitchen. Stainless steel countertops are great and very durable for your kitchen.

Marble Countertops

    If you want profound beauty and a dose of affluence and class, you might want to try marble countertops. They are very durable and shinny.

    They give your kitchen bright and attractive personas that entice your visitors. Marble countertops might be all you need to model class to your colleagues.

Sapstone Countertops

    If you are looking for that natural stone feel in your kitchen, Sapstone is the best option for you.

    Sapstone is stain-free, so you can be rest assured that your visitors won’t think lowly of you if you forgot to clean your kitchen properly; Sapstone makes stain look cool.

Concrete Countertops

    Concrete countertops have proven to be a perfect counterpart for kitchens in modern homes. Concrete countertops provide a rustic and contemporary look that makes your kitchen a beauty to behold. They give you the durability and class you want.

Why hold back? This might just be the perfect time to join the Open Concept Kitchen trend, and join the latest contemporary culture.

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