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5 Portable Feng Shui Cure Items You Need In Your Life

What is a person’s Chi?

You might have heard about how placing a Dragon and Phoenix together would bring in luck in your love life and relationships. This may sound to be old folklore riddled with superstitious beliefs, but in fact, there is a scientific variation to all of these.

Feng Shui, at its core, is not a religion or superstitious doctrine but rather a scientific theology based on visual and aura based principles. Every object in this universe, including you, generate a relative amount of 氣 ‘qi’ or ‘chi’ in the form of energy. Your aura accompanies you wherever you are.

Have you heard about ‘first impressions make the best impression’? Ponder a moment to give it a thought. You meet a new person and immediately develop a perception of their character, personality, etc. How could this be possible? Each individual radiates a different type of aura. Some attractive and some repulsive depending on the flow of 氣 ‘chi’ or energy from them.

The hoaxers

Regretfully many hoaxers in the market try to sell different items as feng shui cures without proper knowledge. Their pitch would sound something like: “This item is the perfect feng shui cure, it can help you to overcome all your problems and change your life the way you want it to be, just place it at random locations in your home or office.”

This said, the placement of the feng shui cures is critical. Not because of superstitious practices but due to the effect on one’s psyche through visual and aura influence. Call it the placebo effect or simply the science of ‘chi’ in the environment and the objects in it, which also includes you.

Animals in Feng Shui Cure

The following feng shui cure items are shaped like animals and beasts. Placing them in the right areas will create a positive impact on your visual psyche and manifest the right amount of quality ‘chi.’

There are, however, limitations to how much their effects will influence your quality of life since there are other factors to consider, such as external Feng Shui, the internal layout of your home or office, the ‘Qi’ or ‘chi’ flow in your environment, etc. It is best to consider these as enhancers, than actual cures itself, but nevertheless, the impact they create and the energy these feng shui cures capture is tremendous.


    In Feng Shui, the Dragon is considered as the ruler amongst all animals. It is a majestic beast and is one of the four celestial animals symbolizing the emblem of an emperor. The Dragon, as per Feng Shui and Taoist philosophy, is the metaphor of strength and power and represents 陽 ‘Yan,’ the male.

    As per Feng Shui, the Dragon represents the east and left side of your home, or any establishments, when you are looking out from the inside of the establishment. The principles state that it can boost the Qi in a specific area by capturing the energy flow across your home or office.

    Suitable areas in your home as per the study are your living room, dining room, home office. However, it is not suited for low energy areas such as the garage, closest, and, restrooms. You can consult a Feng Shui Bagua expert to get the right location and placement.


    The tortoise or turtle symbolizes longevity, support, protection, and in many instances, wisdom. It is also one of the four celestial animals and represents North or backside or your home or establishment.

    A few feng shui experts prefer to use a stone tortoise placed at the balcony or front door to mitigate negative energy flowing into your home.

Qilin/Dragon Turtle

    This Feng Shui cure is a hybrid of the two celestial animals; the majestic Dragon and wise tortoise. While the Dragon symbolizes good fortune, the turtle as per Feng Shui cures bad Feng Shui energies.

    There are other animals that are used extensively as feng shui cures. You can read about them here.


Artifacts and Instruments in Feng Shui Cure

These also have a symbolic meaning and use in Feng Shui. These are also enhancers for your present feng shui based layout of your home or office.

Coins of the Five Chinese Emperors

These coins were made and used during the reign of the five most successful emperors of china. They are highly revered because those were the times when China was very prosperous.

The five emperors are:

    • Sun Zhi (1644- 1661)
    • Kang Xi (1661-1722)
    • Yong Zhen (1723-1735)
    • Qian Long (1736-1796)
    • Jia Qing (1796-1820)

Some experts believe that only the real coins made during that period are effective feng shui cures. They have different uses such as attracting wealth, blocking negative chi, protection charms, etc.


    These are great feng shui cures for creating positive energy in your home. If you prefer to choose crystals as feng shui cures, remember that placement is important. For example, the two rose quartz hearts work well when placed in Southwest, while the purple amethyst is used to clear negative energies in an area of your home or office. For more crystal types, placements, and uses, click here.

Remember that Feng Shui works more as a visual reminder of what you truly want to achieve. It could be wealth, health, relationships, love, etc. The feng shui cures and their respective placements work wonders on your psyche as they create a positive visualization effect on your mind and body.

You can browse here for a comprehensive list of feng shui cures that you can bring along with you daily.

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