Feng Shui Words Pronunciation/ Meaning

Common Phrases In Feng Shui

When reading articles about Feng Shui, there are often a lot of phrases that we have no clue what it means. Here are some common phrases and what they mean.

Feng Shui

Feng = 風 fēng, means wind
Shui = 水 shuǐ, means water


Ba = 八 bā, means eight
Gua = 卦 guà, means Trigrams

Qi/ Chi

Qi/ Chi = 氣 qì, means air, gas

Sha Qi/ Sha Chi

Sha Qi/ Sha Chi = 殺氣 shā qì, means negative Feng Shui

Yin Yang

Yin = 陰 yīn, means dark, shadow, secret
Yang = 陽 yáng, means light, sun, bright

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