Why You Should Install A Roof Solar Panel – 5 Important Ideas

What Is Roof Solar Panel?

When it comes to electricity production, the best way to produce electricity for your home is the roof solar panel. If you want to know more about rooftop solar panels, about it’s working and installation, then with the help of this article, we are going to discuss all of these things.

Let us first start with a thorough introduction of Roof solar panels. The complete name of solar panels is Photovoltaic solar panels, which is also called PV in short. The basic working on Solar panels is to collect light energy from the Sun and to generate electricity from that light energy.

How Do Solar Panel Works?

Let us have a look at the complete working of a Roof solar panel:

    • The first step to let a solar panel works is to set it up at the roof of your place.

    • By setting up on the roof, it would be able to collect the light energy from the Sun in the form of photons, which helps in the leading working of Solar panel.

    • That sunlight falls on the photovoltaic cells on the solar panel.
    Do you know what the meaning of photovoltaic is? This means the conversion of sunlight into electricity.

    • After the light energy is converted into electricity, then either you can keep that electric energy stored, or you can make the system to use it as soon as it gets generated.


Different Types Of Roof Solar Panels

You must be thinking that there is just one type of solar panels, but it’s not. There are a total of three types of solar panels, let us discuss them all one by one.

Monocrystalline Solar panels

    As you all must be knowing that the solar panels use semiconducting material for the production of electricity, with the help of light energy, the best semiconducting material used for this work is silicon.

    These monocrystalline solar panels are also made up of silicon, the difference is that this type of solar panel there is a single layer of silicon, which means that cells made up in this type of solar panels are made up of a single layer of silicon.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

    The next type of solar panels are Polycrystalline solar panels, and under this type of panels, the cells are made up of more than one layer of silicon. Firstly more than one layer of silicon is melted and then are formed into cells.

Thin-film solar panel

    The next type of solar panels is thin-film solar panels, which is made up of the combination of thin films of various material which comprises of silicon and cadmium telluride and many more.

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Pros And Cons Of Roof Solar Panels

Whenever a product is introduced, there are both pros and cons of that product. You might have heard that roof solar panels have a lot of advantages, but with the help of this point, we are going to discuss that both Pros and Cons of roof solar panels.


    • The first and most important advantage of solar panels is that it is a one-time investment.

    Once you have roof solar panels installed after that, you would not have to pay for anything, which means no monthly bills ever.

    • The second advantage of roof solar panels is that it is a renewable source of energy.

    You might be thinking how, so for that let me tell you, the Sun is never going to miss its shine, which means until the Sun is shining you would be able to produce solar energy.

    • It is environment-friendly, which means it does not produce any pollution. While there are some electric generators, which create a lot of noise and produces lousy smoke.

    But in the case of solar panel electricity method, there is no such device that produces either noise or air pollution. While those who are not using solar energy, they are increasing the level of pollution day by day with the use of various products.

    • The next advantage is that almost every part of the earth gets daily sunshine, there are very less amount of places which are unable to get daily sunlight.

    The second important point is sunlight for a small interval of time also can produce a decent amount of electricity for use.

    • As there is no such machine working takes place in solar panel energy method, so you will not face any daily maintenance or maintenance after a short interval of time.


    • The first most significant disadvantage of the installation of solar panels is that it is costly, which makes it un-accessible for people who can’t go for this one-time investment.

    • Just assume that your house is working on solar energy and one day the Sun does not comes out. Then on that day, you would be unable to produce or use electricity.

    • Its maintenance is also costly.


Is The Installation Of Roof Solar Panels Easy?

So if you are the type of person who wants everything ready within a short interval of time, then the installation of solar panels is not for you. Because the installation of solar panels takes a lot of time, although there are entirely build solar panel kits for the wiring purpose it consumes more time.

And when you think of installing it for your whole home, then it is going to take a lot of time. But as I said before that it is a one-time investment so you should wait for that much time.

Is The Repair Of Solar Panels Easy?

This thing entirely depends on various factors, from which one factor is what type of problem you are facing with your solar panels. If you are facing a problem with the particular panel, then it will not take much time, but if the problem is unknown, then it could take time in finding a specific place from where the problem is arising.

Facts About Solar Energy

    1. Solar power is a type of energy source, which could be used for an extended period, we can say for almost forever.

    2. The price for the installation of solar panels is decreasing day by day.

    3. The part of the world where solar energy is being used extensively is in China.

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