Tips to Save Money on Renovation When Buying a House

It has a lot of build-in carpentry

when purchasing a flat, please do not get fooled by how fully furnished it is; it is a common mistake that the when we see a house has all the build-in carpentry like shoe cabinet, TV wall, TV console, etc., we tend to think it has more value than the others.

But in fact, not many people want to keep these used items at their home when they want to have a fresh start, that means, a lot of the demolition fee will eat up your renovation budget.
So it is better to look for the listings that have the least build-in.

Has a cement sink

the cement sink is quite common for older flats, where you can see the sink is built with cement, it is durable, but out of fashion, nowadays no one would want that in the house, thus need to spend extra money to demolish this stubborn sink.

It has a lot of ceiling features

this is the same reason as the build-in carpentry; it might look nice and create an illusion that you are getting more than what you paid for.

But most people do not like to use the previous owner’s lighting configurations. Lighting heavily depends on personal preference, it is a high chance you will need to demolish all the false ceiling/ L-box lighting dseign, and change to the ones you prefer.

Tile/marble flooring

unlike vinyl flooring or parquet flooring, when you want to redo the flooring, material like marble and tile require to be hacked off entirely, and you will need to spend more money on making good of the hacked areas.

Vinyl and parquet floors will be a lot easier to remove, and even after removal, the floor is easier to recover.

Rubber on the window has melted from long-term exposure to the sun

this one belongs more to small detail that you really need to pay attention to; sometimes, the window rubber is softened by the sun, and becomes sticky or slimy.

Once you move in will need to repair them, and it is not as easy to repair as just fixing the rotted window locks.

Has bathtub

a bathtub is intimate, and barely anyone would want to soak into a tub that the previous owner used for years.

This item will definitely need to be removed.

Has a wall-hung W.C.

The fancy-looking wall hung W.C., not only difficult to remove or fix, after you hack off the W.C., but also require extra work to reinstate the wall back to its normal state.

Has concealed rain shower system

The concealed rain shower system is the same as the wall-hung W.C.; unless you are ok using what the previous owner was using.

But it is a bit more challenging to deal with, since the rain shower system will also be inside of the ceiling, which means not just the wall will need to be reinstated, the same goes for the bathroom ceiling.

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