Block Out Bad Luck With Simple Feng Shui Colors Rules

Fengshui Directions and Colors- What they Indicate

Directions and colors are integral parts of our daily life. However, they represent different meanings for each case. People using the ancient science of Fengshui have to understand what the Fengshui directions and colors indicate.

This is essential for the best use of science. The Fengshui colors represent the five elements of planet earth; earth, fire, water, wood, and metal.

Feng Shui Color Meanings

There exist 8 directions in Fengshui. These are; east, west, south, north, northeast, southeast, northwest, and southwest. Each of these directions is presented by specific colors in Fengshui.

Each of these eight directions is related to one of the five essential elements referred to above. Fengshui colors are those that match with the element relating to the directions. The colors make the particular areas of your home and bring up good luck in the specific aspect of your life.

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Core Features of Fengshui Directions and Colors

Core features of Fengshui directions and colors are as follows:

  • Colors in Fengshui represent elements.
  • Elements regulate the directions.
  • Colors can be used to change the impacts of the elements in any specific direction.
  • Things to Know about Fengshui Directions and Colors

    A few steps are required to learn about the Fengshui directions and colors. You should know about the following:

  • Relationship between the elements and directions.
  • How the colors represent the elements.
  • About color and direction compatibilities.
  • The chart below depicts the relations that exist between the elements, directions, and colors in Fengshui.
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    Lucky Paint Color For The House (Different Areas)

    There are different parts in your home, and each part of it has some bearing on a specific aspect of your life. For instance, the north direction governs the success of your career.

    Similarly, the south part of the home impacts your name and fame. Also, each direction in your home relates to one of the five basic elements. The north part is related to the water element, whereas the southern part links to the fire element.

    You need to paint each part of the home with colors compatible with the element. At the same time, you have to paint the parts emitting negative energies like the toilet with remedial colors.

    Feng Shui North Colors

    The north direction in Fengshui indicates the water zone. It regulates your career luck. Therefore the information on Fengshui directions and colors is necessary.

    For success in the objective, your north direction of the home must be firm. Additionally, it also becomes an indirect financial zone. The colors for the north direction are black and blue. As wood is the enemy of water, colors like green should not be used in the north direction.

    There is one exception to this. You can use wooden colors to weaken any bad water energy, especially those emerging from the toilets and bathrooms. You can use metal colors like gold, silver, gray, and white in the water zone as they strengthen the water.

    Bedrooms in the north direction should not be painted with blue and black colors as they are too cool and make you lazy. You can use light fire colors like light red or light pink. You should also use blue and black colors in other parts in the north direction with them. Always stick to the limitation that these colors should be used for a maximum of 1/9th of the area.

    Feng Shui South Colors

    South represents the fire zone. It also regulates the recognition of anyone and his or her fame in life. It is vital for political leaders, artists, and media personalities who are always parts of a crowd.

    Achievements become easier when the south is strong. Gathering knowledge about Fengshui directions and colors is thus important for them. Also, as in the case of the north direction, you need to neutralize the bad fire energies created by the toilet and bathroom.

    These negative energies can result in loneliness and loss of social reputation. Since the earth weakens fire’ you can use earthen colors or skin tones to paint the south area.

    As wood enhances fire, you can also use wooden colors for painting, such as green tones. If you are using fire colors like red, then you should use them sparingly. Too much use of fire colors can double up the fire energies and could create temperamental issues.

    Hence, only mild red color can be used in this zone. Do not paint the entire home in red color and maintain the limitation of 1/9th area.

    Feng Shui East Colors

    East is associated with wood elements, and it regulates the family life and health status of a person. It also has effects on mental states. When the eastern part of your home is strong, it marks the improvements in health and family relationships.

    Like the other directions, you have to take care of bad wooden energies emitted from the toilet and the bathroom. To prevent these energies from creating problems in health and family, you can use colors meant for the fire elements.

    Remedial colors can be red and orange used in lighter shades. It will be effective as fire reduces wood. Conversely, metallic colors can also be used. However, the light fire colors are the best for your purpose.

    For other areas like the living room in the eastern part, you can use green or a mix of various shades of green and natural wooden color. Fengshui specialists also recommend the use of watercolors such as light blue and black. These recommendations are based on the fact that it is water that creates wood.

    Feng Shui SouthEast Colors

    This direction is associated with the wood element. It regulates wealth in human life. If the southeast area of your home is strong, it will improve your fortune and the chances of accumulation of wealth. To counter the effects of bad energies, the colors recommended in the case of the eastern direction can also be used here.

    Feng Shui West Colors

    West relates to the element of metal. It regulates the creativity part and kids in your life. Parents and the people in the field of creative art will improve your career and relation with kids.

    You can use colors like blue and black to block the bad metal energies. These are watercolors and cause the water can weaken the metal. To increase the effects of the good metal energies, you can use colors like brown, pink shades, and yellow.

    Conversely, you can also use metal colors like grey, silver, white, gold, etc. Many Fengshui specialists recommend furnishing this part of your home with colorful items like paintings and wallpapers, bedsheets, and cushion bedsheets or painting the walls; you can also use the earthen colors.

    Feng Shui NorthWest Colors

    The northwest direction is related to the Fengshui metal element. Metal regulates traveling and the tendency to help others. If the northwest part of the home is strong, then you will have many successful travels.

    It will also bring up a lot of helpful people to your life. Experts on Fengshui directions and colors recommend metal colors for painting this home area, like white and grey, among others.

    Feng Shui NorthEast Colors

    The Northeast part of a home relates to good luck in education. It also indicates association with the earth element. With a strong northeast part, you can have clarity of thought and improved decision-making powers.

    To combat any emission of bad earth energies, one can use metallic colors like white, gold, and silver. For painting the living room in this direction, you can use earth colors like yellow, pink, brown, and skin tone.

    Feng Shui skin tone Colors

    This Fengshui direction relates to the earth element. It also regulates romance and sexual pleasures in life. A strong southwest area in your home will help you to find your perfect match. You can use the earth colors like yellow, pink, brown, and skin tone to paint this part of your home.

    Feng Shui Candle Color Meanings

    Among others, Fengshui also makes use of candles for making the areas in the home stronger. Typical uses of colors in candles are as follows.

  • Red candles
  • While the red candles signify success in all aspects of life, they effectively bring luck in love, intuition, and passion.

  • Orange candles
  • Orange candles mark improvement in harmony and also friendship. They also bring up joy and rejuvenation of energies.

    A combination of orange and yellow helps bring up ultimate success in life.

  • Green candles
  • Green candles represent nature and bring up purity and wisdom in life. They can be used in any part of a home.

  • Purple candles
  • Purple candles represent the sophisticated royal presence and are associated with chivalry and honor.

  • Yellow candles
  • Yellow candles indicate creativity and happiness.

    FengShui Teal Front Door Meaning

    Fengshui specialists recommend using a teal front door in your home because it creates a calming effect. Moreover, these doors fit in with any type of construction. It also improves creativity in life. Teal doors are also favored because they can support the improvement of all areas in a home.

    Best Colors for Bed Sheets in Fengshui

    The ancient Chinese science Fengshui emphasizes the use of appropriate colors for bed sheets. Using the right color in bedsheets can improve bedsheets the family and bring up good luck for you. Fengshui masters recommend the use of soft colors in bedsheets.

    The most appropriate colors are lavender, light blue, and green color bed sheets. For better warmth in winter, you can switch to shades of brown, copper, or pink bed sheets. Interestingly, all the color choices indicated above also match modern interior decorations.

    Your Lucky Fengshui Directions and Colors

    To derive the Tos using Fengshui, you have to determine your lucky directions first of all. Next, you have to check the elements relating to such directions. Once this is done, you can proceed to use the element-specific colors for painting the areas or in furniture for the location.

    An equally important task for you will be to neutralize the effects of unlucky directions and any source emitting negative energy. In short, the aim is to maximize the impact of the lucky directions and minimizing the effects of unlucky directions.

    Therefore, the identification of the lucky and unlucky directions plays a vital role in Fengshui. The core concept of ancient Chinese science is based on the relationship of the Fengshui directions and colors with the six basic elements governing all elements on planet earth.

    Importance of Lucky Directions

    Why is finding your lucky directions so important? Explaining the reasons, the masters hold that a person standing, sitting, working, or even sleeping facing his or her lucky direction can attract good luck and success in life.

    It could be good luck in finance, career, relationship, or any other part of life. Identification of the unlucky directions can help in countering their adverse effects. Once you identify how all directions work, you can know the elements they relate to and use the right colors to increase or decrease their effects.

    The process of finding the best direction is to use the Kua (Gua) number that is calculated using one’s date of birth and gender. Also, each Fengshui direction has a corresponding Kua number. For example, the north has the Kua number 1, whereas the number for the east is 3.

    To use ancient Chinese science, you have to be conversant with the Fengshui directions and colors. The directions will indicate the best and worst areas in your home or office. Colors can be used to regulate their effects on your life.

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