Sliding Barn Door – Everything You Need To Know

It does not matter how small the home is, adequately optimizing the space available is the major key to making it look inviting. The addition of a sliding Barn door to a room will allow you to use much more space in the home.

Sliding Barn doors separate the older from the new ones. It gives the home a vintage touch without changing the décor.

What Are The Benefits Of Sliding Barn Doors?

Some of the reasons why you should make use of a sliding Barn door includes:

    • The doors actually help in saving space through the elimination of rooms that would have been used for door swings.

    • Sliding Barn doors offer a contrast of materials. It creates interest for a regularly dull and quickly forgotten element in the home.

    • Its most essential benefit is that a sliding door is more than just a door; it is a piece of functional art.

How Do I Know Which Sliding Application Will Work Best For My Space?

There are practically three regular applications of sliding Barn doors which include:

    • Bypass doors
    • Bi-parting and;
    • Single doors

Single Doors

    The most commonly used sliding door application is the single door that actively slides from its left or its right.

    The sliding door works wonderfully for standard or smaller openings with the assumption of having just enough room in which the door will slide in a particular direction.

    Also, it is an excellent alternative for a much bigger opening, assuming that a person has a wall that is large enough to accommodate its open doors.

bi-parting doors

    It is common for bigger openings or applications where there is insufficient space for a single door to slide effectively.

bypass doors

    It is ideal for areas where barn doors are mostly desired, but there is not enough room on both sides of the opening for the door to slide effectively.

    Here, the doors actually overlap and slides over one another so that a part of the opening is easily accessible at any point in time.

    The bypass door is a more complex and costly solution, but it is sometimes the only way out should a pair of doors be powerfully desired.

sliding barn door

Common Rooms Or Areas For a Sliding Door To Be Placed

While sliding Barn doors have been effectively installed in diverse commercial and even residential applications, some of the most popular rooms or areas include:

    • Hall Closet
    • Theatre room
    • Laundry room
    • Offices
    • Master bathroom
    • Master Closet
    • Pantry or kitchen
    • Formal dining or entry, etc.

For the commercial and business applications, the sliding Barn doors have been highly prominent in area business for use in places like:

    • Break rooms
    • Exam rooms
    • Offices
    • Conference rooms
    • Reception area, etc.

kitchen sliding barn door

What Do I Need To Plan For When Considering A Sliding Barn Door In My Home

Some things to consider when planning to have a sliding Barn door in your home includes:

Proper support

    There should be a header and blocking installed for the sake of new construction applications and also renovations.

    If this cannot be achieved, the rail system should be compulsorily fastened into studs for the sake of proper support in case you need a track that has not been pre-drilled.

Exterior header

    In cases where you do not have the proper blocking, outer headers may be utilized. It is recommended when the header or blocking is not in position already.

    It is fastened to studs using screws that are long and then acts as a support system when the rail is mounted. It adds some exciting visuals above the door, and the header can also be completed to match the door effectively.

Open area for sliding

    Sliding Barn doors are ideal because they save space in rooms by taking out the need for having a door swing. Meanwhile, the door will also need a place to slide effectively whenever it is not closed.

Color, Style, And Hardware

    All these are linked to the initial aesthetics of the sliding Barndoor, they are all details that people are happy to have.

How Do I Measure My Barn Door

This question is not just loaded; it also varies based on some factors.

The factors include:

    • Is there a header or probably a casing above the door that will need to be cleared for the mounting of the rail?

    • Do you have a door casing in place?

    • Do you need the casing probably hidden or exposed partially whenever the door is closed?

    • How much room do you actually have for the door to slide?

Meanwhile, there are some general rules one can regularly use.

Rules include:

    • Since the door sits off the wall in a bid to slide, it must be much more extensive than the opening to hide the opening completely. A 1-1/2” to 2” of the overhang is recommended on both sides.

    • For the height, it is trickier in a way because of the header and casing. A door height of ½” bigger than the opening is recommended for a rocked opening. Immediately it is hung, the door will be yet another ½” off the floor for a full coverage above the 1” door.

    • If you have a casing, the rail will be mounted above the casing for the door height to be .5” for both casing and opening. The center rail will be ~2” above the casing.

    However, in some of these applications, a standard rail or door application will not work because there is a deficit of support right above the opening.

Maintaining Your Sliding Barn Door And Barn Door Hardware

It is essential to maintain it like any other part of the house!

    • Cleaning the wood doors with a soft rag simply wipe off the upper part of the door frame in a bid to remove dust. This works better than feather dusters

    • A feather duster should be used to wipe around the door frame.

    • Once in a month, you should wipe the full surface of the wood door with oil soap.

    • Make use of an all-purpose cleaner to clean the barn door pulls effectively.

The barn door hardware is out of reach but can get very dirty. Most people go in and out of the rooms, and that leaves dust behind. It can be maintained by:

    • Rub the hardware using olive oil should there be visible streaks

    • Polish the door by moistening a piece of cloth with cider vinegar or undiluted white.

All in all, do not use coarse or even old rags on the hardware. It can lead to rust. Do not also clean the hardware with bleaches or mineral acids.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Sliding Barn doors come with a dose of warmth, charm, and a rusty simplicity that can be powerful or soft. It all relies on how best you choose to plan out the entire interior when we speak in terms of ambiance and décor.

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