This Is Why You Should Love Snakes For Feng Shui

Feng Shui Snake?

A snake is one of the most feared animals on the planet. In fact, this creature is so feared that even a sight of something that resembles a snake can evoke fear, a phenomenon known as ophiophobia.

Snake’s position in Chinese Zodiac

The Snake is Yin Fire and is located between Dragon and Horse, the two most influential animals in the Chinese Zodiac calendar, and the most difficult stools to sit on between. For this reason, the main weakness of the Snake is indecision and lack of commitment, and a tendency for sudden and atypical dishonesty.

The personality of the Zodiac Snake

Since the snake sits between two of the most powerful zodiac creatures, its choice is between opposites – the Dragon’s subtlety and the extroversion of the Horse.

When confronted with life decisions, a balanced snake will always, most of the time, develop enough charm to help get them through without having to make challenging decisions.

Usually, both male and female snakes are not the decision-maker when they are in a relationship.

A snake can collaborate with the Dragon, something that is known as the House of Magic. But it is only the Snake that can subordinate its ego to the level demanded by the Dragon while keeping up.

There are Young and Old Snakes!

The young Snake has often possessed a vivid imagination and an inconsistent relationship with the truth. At the same time, the older Snake tends to treat the truth as sacred. Being of Candle Flame Fire, snakes can easily be discouraged. They may stick for long with an uncomfortable choice to avoid making any choice whatsoever.

Snake is not famous in Feng Shui

Unlike other animal symbols, snakes are not that popular in feng shui. When snakes are used as symbols, the placement is usually associated with Bazi and with the snake zodiac.

What does Snake do in Feng Shui?

In feng shui, the Snake can help attract wealth, and so if you were born in a year of the Snake, placing a snake figurine towards the west of your living space or office can help you create wealth.

Also, it is believed that wearing metal snake ornaments, especially silver or gold, can bring you good luck.

The Snake comes in different materials and colors, and one of the most common is Wood-Snake. It is friendly and sympathetic to human nature.

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