Flexible System Furniture – 10 Pros & 4 Cons

What’s System Furniture

System furniture is a loose term used to describe bundles of panels, shelves, work surfaces, and other pieces sold by a lone manufacturer as a package for furnishing an office.

System furniture traditionally includes cubicles and sea of cubicles; nevertheless, other open space arrangements like office landscape are conceivable, however not plausible. This is mainly due to insufficient base support from the required material.

Most companies and organizations go for system furniture because they want to embrace adaptability as well as customizability.

System furniture is a growing trend among startups run by millennials who are trying to walk away from the traditional office setting.

Many startups and modern business establishments seek to have a flexible workplace furniture solution.

Modular Furniture

If you are also looking to adopt this kind of arrangement for your office, it is vital to have a clear knowledge of what system furniture is, and whether or not it can provide a solution for your office needs.

System furniture is also sometimes referred to as modular furniture.

It enables you to set up, and customize your office according to your preferences. This type of office arrangement is perfect for a rapidly growing company or one that wants a flexible office space.

Ordering system furniture, you get all the elements required to put together an office space. The pieces of furniture you receive can be adjusted, customized, or removed, it is totally up to you and what you feel is right.

With this arrangement, you will be able to create a flexible office space that is adaptable to you and your staff.
You will have a new office look without undergoing any major renovation.

Pros of system furniture

System furniture is not new. In fact, the traditional cubicle is actually a type of system furniture.

There are a number of advantages of using system furniture, including:

They are less cumbersome to set up:

    The system is readily disconnected from each other and reorganized to create a new office floor without a hassle.

You don’t have to buy the entire system:

    This is another good thing about system furniture. You can just select the components that suit your needs. Later, when you feel the new office still needs little surgery, you can purchase additional sets of components.

The system is suitable for small spaces:

    The system furniture typically includes furniture that can easily be placed in corners and small spaces.

They come in a range of styles and a wide of beautiful colors:

    So you can simply select the one that suits your style.

Can be used to create an office space:

    That creates more collaborative that your staff can enjoy. This way, you will enhance collaboration among your employees and eradicate individualism.

They are perfect:

    For future renovations or relocation because the system can just be joined together and placed in a transportation van or truck.

It has multi-functionality:

    The furniture can be reorganized quickly to meet the needs of the occasion.


    The objective of system furniture is to create an office space that suits every member of your staff.

There are no restrictions:

    The furniture is designed in a manner that they can be set in any way that you feel.

Provides an aesthetic feel to your office:

    System furniture is designed with simplicity in mind, and they will form a harmonious whole at your workplace.

Cons of system furniture

There is no denying that system furniture provides arrays of flexibility needed for your business growth, it has a few drawbacks. These include:

This system is not suitable:

    If you want total full auditory privacy for your senior employees. System furniture is designed for small offices with smaller footprints, so it cannot accommodate your needs for a separate human resource, sales, or accounting desks.

Sometimes the furniture from the system may lack:

    The coziness, making your office dull instead of vibrant.

If the floor of your office is not even:

    The walls may spoil the design of your interior, therefore, creating gaps when joining together the furniture.

Don’t expect the system furniture to:

    Miraculously change your workplace culture. To have a real collaborative culture in your workplace requires more than just sleek furniture.

Things to consider before getting system furniture

As a leader, before purchasing a set of office furniture, you should know that your staff will be sitting and working all day. So it is up to you to ensure they have comfortable chairs and desks. Here are things to consider before buying system furniture.

Flexibility and functionality

    The purpose of system furniture is to offer flexibility to your place, but that doesn’t mean you pick just any system. You need to understand what your staff needs, for example, the amount of storage, the comfort of the furniture, etc.

The size

    System furniture comes in different sizes and styles. Consider the size of your space before ordering.

The aesthetic value and your brand identity

    Select the system furniture that can enhance the beauty of your office. Remember, a well-designed office will go a long way to lighten up the mood of your employees, and therefore increase their productivity.

    Another thing, don’t just go for designs that you think you like. The furniture should go with your brand or the personality of your office.

Your needs

    Go for system furniture that contains pieces that will make sitting on them and working easier. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, system furniture comes in different styles, so understand your needs correctly.

The cost

    This perhaps is the most important thing you should consider before getting system furniture. While this furniture arrangement can save you cash, they are priced differently depending on the vendor.

    The cost of the system furniture should go hand in hand with the available space and your needs.

    Don’t be afraid to shop at a second-hand store.


    This should be taken into significant consideration if you have opted to buy the system furniture from a second-hand furniture vendor. Thoroughly sanitize the furniture before bringing it to your office. Clean furniture contributes significantly to a healthier office.
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