Teak Furniture: 5 Pros & 3 Cons

The prominent teak outdoor furniture is lovely, practical, and highly durable.Teak furniture will not become twisted or warped even when it’s left outdoors.

Suppose you are interested in the teak furniture. In that case, you can rest assured that this A-grade teak furniture will never crack, have splinters, or be the haven for termites. With adequate care, teak will always maintain its beauty and qualities of durability.

What Is Teak?

Basically, teak is a dense yet sturdy deciduous tree that can be found in the tropical regions around the world, such as Thailand and Burma. The real name for teak wood is known as Tectona Grandis.

Teak is among the most valuable timbers we have in the globe, it is beautiful and durable. Since it is dense, it is not inclined to warp, crack, or even bend over time.

Also, teak wood consists of a natural resin, which is a rubber-like substance. The resin actively takes on the role of a natural repellent that fights against termites and insects.

Pros And Cons Of Teak

It does not matter if you will be choosing teak wood for your flooring or furniture. The wood is always a preferred sturdy material. And so, some of its advantages and disadvantages will be analyzed below.

The pros of teak

It has an aesthetic appeal

Basically, teak wood has a highly attractive direct grain pattern that is coupled with a vibrant golden brown color.

There are other woods all over the world that are almost as strong as teak wood, but the main reason most people prefer it for its beauty.

It is very strong

As a hardwood gotten from a broad-leaved deciduous tree in tropical regions, the wood is very strong. When it is being compared with other hard species of trees, and not just mango or pine trees, the result remains the same that it is indeed very strong.

It is highly durable

With proper care, furniture made from teak wood will last for years to come, and in so many cases, this furniture has proven to last for over a hundred years. For this reason alone, you can find antique pieces of teak furniture around the globe.

While other particle board furniture can last a total of two to three years, the durability of teak can be added as one of its most vital advantages that the wood can provide.

It moderates heat

Similar to every other solid wood, teak wooden furniture aids in the heat moderation. This means that it does not become too hot or too cold during summer and winter.

While most people do not notice this particular quality, it is among the reasons why individuals love the touch and feel of natural wooden furniture when compared to its metal or plastic counterparts.

It resists decay and rot

The wood has a very high density, and so it does not decay or even rot so easily. Now you know why they refer to teak wood as durable. Why is teak wood water resistant? The teak wood has this natural resistance to diverse acidic and alkaline substances. And so, it does not get stained or spoiled very easily.

The cons of the teak wood

It is very costly

One of the core drawbacks of teak wood is that it is expensive. It has been said that the reason why it is costly, is because of the decline in natural resources over time. While demand is high as ever before, supply has drastically reduced.

It is difficult to find wood of high-quality

Genuine and high-quality teak wood is tough to identify by customers. This is because it demands good knowledge and experience in identifying them.

So, the simplest way to resolve this problem is to get suggestions as well as help from a trusted and dependable source.

The woodworking tools get blunt

As a sturdy material, the wood presents a slight issue that revolves around woodworking tools, getting blunt and always need to be sharpened as the carpenter works on the teak wood.

Ways To Maintain Teak Furniture

In maintaining teak furniture, the diverse ways involved include:

Retaining the original color

To do this, you will need to make use of a sealer. The teak sealer is a solvent based and water like viscosity, that contains things to protect the wood against molds, moisture, and ultraviolet lights. These sealers are applied at every six to twelve months.

Cleaning the furniture

Asides from occasional scrub, teak really demands just a little maintenance.
To clean the furniture, you will need to make use of a mild solution of soapy water or a diluted mixture of marine simplegreen.

The water will help remove accumulated dirt, which is followed by rinsing the furniture with clean water. For great spots, you can make use of a light scrub using de-greasing agents.

Oiling teak furniture

While this is not a technique of maintaining the wood, it is a way to retain and enhance the natural golden color of the wood. Some individuals prefer the look instead of the natural weathering of the teak wood when it is not treated.

Oiling the furniture will be much more regular. The oiling will need to be carried out every two to three months while the furniture is kept out of direct sunlight.

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