This dragon is no myth but crucial for your Feng Shui!

What’s Feng Shui Dragon?

The feng shui dragon is an important cure in traditional feng shui! It is a symbol of strong yang or male energy and can be easily used in our living spaces or office to bring nourishment and support. However, not every corner of the house is suitable for receiving a feng shui dragon, but we will come to that later.

What does the Feng Shui Dragon symbolize?

Feng shui dragons are exuberant, playful, and altruistic creatures living on land, in the air, and in water. In traditional Chinese, dragons are associated with water and spring rains and symbolize abundance in life, fertility, strength, and prosperity.

How about add on some crystal?

These dragons don’t have wings but are known to undulate or float through the air. So figures can be seen with a crystal or pearl in their claws, which symbolizes power, wealth, and opportunity. So if used correctly and courteously, the feng shui dragon can help you activate the energies above in your living space or office.

How to choose a Feng Shui Dragon?

Feng shui dragons come in different forms, such as tapestries, figurines and carvings, and carpets. Moreover, they also come in a variety of colors that symbolizes many different energies and strengths.

For instance, the feng shui colors of money (green and gold) and colors of water (dark blue and black) symbolize wealth and prosperity. You can also find feng shui dragons in red, which symbolizes vitality or energy.

Dragon in paintings

If you want to have a feng shui dragon in the form of a painting or framed, it should be metal, the element that enriches the water. With that in mind, frames made from wood will limit the dragon’s energy because wood uses water to grow.

Dragon in figurine

Feng shui dragon figurines can be made of metal, stone, wood, ceramic, or crystal. Any of the materials are suitable, but each has a preferred location in the space.

Best placement for Feng Shui Dragons?

There are different ways to determine the location and positioning of the feng shui dragon in the office or your home.

Figure out what’s your feng shui luck position

One way is to use your feng shui lucky directions to position the dragon towards one of these directions. Alternatively, you can determine the dragon’s position by choosing the Feng Shui Fortune Star’s position for the current year.

Open space or entrances

Ensure the location you choose to place the dragon is open and enhances the free flow of positive energy. Dragons must be allowed freedom and room to move and fly about, and so if there are obstacles, the creature will not be effective.

The dragon needs to face your room!

Another thing is to make sure the dragon faces toward the room and not the other way around to bring the energy of prosperity and wealth. If it faces away from the room or towards the door/window, the dragon will reflect the energy outside.

Be cautious about corners

But you should be careful with some corners you place the dragon because, just like any feng shui cure, it can also have a reverse effect.
For instance, avoid placing the dragon in low-energy areas such as closets, garage, and bathroom or having too many of them in the house.

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