Is Tiger The Way To Perfect Feng Shui?

Is Tiger The Way To Perfect Feng Shui?

Popularly referred to as “Chinese Geomancy,” Feng Shui (FS) is a conventional practice that originated from ancient China and claimed to utilize energy forces to complement people in the environment they live in.

Feng Shui aims at inviting positive energy to your house to balance and energize your life. One of the important aspects of Feng Shui is a tiger, and this guide will help you learn detailed information about the same.

What Does Tiger Represent In Feng Shui?

Let us begin by knowing what the tiger represents in Feng Shui.

Among the Chinese people, the tiger is considered to be the zodiac sign, while in Feng Shui, the white tiger is landed on the right edge. Putting this into practice, the right edge in alignment should be in a lower position in comparison to the left.

It doesn’t like noise and is not fearful of bad smells. This is the only reason you will notice that the washrooms are suggested to be positioned in the right based upon orientation for successful application.

Coming into the left side of Feng Shui, the green dragon grabs the wealth while the white tiger helps to keep it.

Where Is The Appropriate Placement And Facing Direction For Tiger?

Masters of Feng Shui often use Green Dragon (East) and the White Tiger (West) to relate Qi improvements with the Feng Shui for the cures.

1) Green Dragon (East)

The masters consider the East as the direction where Sunrises and hence the Yang location. Amongst all the animals of Feng Shui, Green Dragon is regarded as the Yang. Hence, they encourage the plants should be planted here.

2) White Tiger (West)

On the contrary, they regard the white tiger as Yin among all the animals of Feng Shui. The animal is regarded as a noble and courageous animal. Many practitioners of FS consider it to be a determined and ferocious animal.

The concept is under the FS Landscape School; you will notice that practitioners often consider the East to be in a higher position than the West while buying a new house. In other words, Green Dragon must be upper than the White Tiger.

I can state an example for the same. It has been observed that if the natural order, by mistake, is reversed, then it can bring misfortune for the owner (the owner may be dominated) while it can bring good luck following the natural order.

Which Is The Best Material For My Tiger Feng Shui Cure?

If you have faith in curing powers and an energy source that lies within, then having a Tiger Eye Crystal is a must accessory. You can get it in numerous jewelry forms, such as:

  • Bracelets
  • Pendants
  • Necklaces
  • By wearing the crystal, you can be relieved out of stress and disturbing thoughts. The advantages of this Tiger Eye Crystal are much appreciated and respected by those who wear it.

    It is suggested that you wear the Tiger Eye Crystal every time to keep any evil away from your life.

    Further, it can bring you and your family your home, good fortune, wealth, and protection. It improves your willpower, encourages your passion, and drives you towards success. Not only it provides a sense of direction to you, but it also helps to boost your self-esteem.

    What Does White Tiger Mean In Feng Shui?
    The tiger is considered to be the animal with great:

  • Power
  • Honor
  • Authority
  • They are believed to bring in special energies, which are why the masters of Feng Shui use them as objects for:

  • Home Improvement
  • Providing Security
  • Bringing in Good Fortune
  • However, you need to consider few things to maintain your home’s peace, security, and wealth (Refer to the Placement and Direction of Tiger in FS Section).

    What Does Tiger Eye Bracelet Mean And Does?

    Tiger Eye Bracelet belongs to the family of the Chalcedony mineral category. It comprises opaque transparency as well as silky luster. It is the metamorphic rock that is available in reddish brown shades with stripes of iron on it.

    Given the nickname of Shapeshifter, the Tiger Eye Crystal invites you to recognize your Self-Willpower, Protective Powers, and Strength within.

    Colored with Sand Flecks, Inky Black & Brown Smudges, and Gold Bands, there is NO dispute about the energy and wild force you can get from the stone.

    Initially, wearers used to carry the Tiger Eye Bracelet as a safeguarded amulet against the evil forces. However, it also comes with lots of healing features.

    There are several other benefits of wearing a Tiger Eye Bracelet, including:

  • Low BP
  • Increase Bravery
  • Brings Hope
  • Solutions to the Problems
  • Removes the Negative Energy from your home completely
  • Hence you can enjoy a great personal and successful career life wearing this Tiger Eye Bracelet.

    Who Is Not Allowed To Wear Tiger Bracelet?

    As Mars and the Sun rule tiger Eye and you may not even have any problem wearing the Tiger Eye….still for few people, it is strictly prohibited, including:

  • Taurus
  • Libra
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Virgo
  • What Do The Different Colors Of Tiger Bracelet Mean?

    Let us see the uses of different colored Tiger Eye Crystals.

    Blue Tiger Eye

    It stands for protection, perseverance, and power. It fills your heart with confidence and helps you reach new heights by being focused and down-to-earth. Additionally, it brings intuition and calmness, opening your third eye.

    Red Tiger Eye

    The Red Tiger Eye helps to promote calmness and peace of mind, thereby increasing your strength, assertiveness, and courage. It also helps you achieve your goals, complete boring tasks, and have the urge to make things right.

    Gold Tiger Eye

    This is one of the most beautiful pieces with lovely bands of yellow-golden colors all over. It helps to ward off your fear, anxiety and helps to bring balance and add harmony to your life further.

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