How To Choose The Right Tiles For Your Home

It does not matter where the floor is positioned before it gets a thorough beating. It could be in a living room, a bustling family kitchen, or even just an entrance.

This is why it is more than essential to have a floor that is highly durable and can easily take in whatever people throw at it. However, if it is going to last for a lifetime, it has to be beautiful and durable.

This article will aid in helping you streamline some of your time choices for both floorings, your roof, kitchen, and not to forget your bathroom.

Types Of Flooring Tiles

The tiles used in flooring a home are produced from diverse varieties of materials like stone, clay, terrazzo, metal, and quartz. Every one of the tile floorings has its very own characteristics that help to define it.

The two most prominently used types of tile flooring are natural stone and ceramic.

Nevertheless, some of the tile types for your flooring include:

Ceramic Tiles

    It is manufactured by utilizing a cooling process and heating natural minerals as well as clay.

    Your desired texture, and of course, appearance, can be gotten with the ceramic tiles because they are made available in vast ranges of colors, textures, size, shapes, and finishes.

Slate Tile

    It comes from metamorphic rocks that are situated all over the world. Slate tiles aid in providing a vast range of alternatives as it offers rich color palettes ranging from copper to red, tan to black and navy to sage.

    Slate tiles are finely grained tiles that can be used both outside and inside the home.

Porcelain Tile

    These tiles are gotten through the use of natural clay. They are made by applying the right amount of heat to refined clay, and this generates a floor tile that is dense as a result of higher temperatures.

    Floor tiles with such high density can be utilized for both outdoor and indoor projects. They are available in various colors, sizes, and textures in a bid to create the ideal fit for any of your styles.

Wood-look Tile

    While this is not a material type, it is rather a tile category since tiles are fabricated by making use of ceramic or porcelain. However, this one imitates the appearance of wooden tiles.

    It gives one the feeling and appearance of wood but instead offers the simple cleaning and maintenance of porcelain and ceramic tiles. Meanwhile, when compared to natural wood, the wood-look tile is more durable.


    Marble tiles are prominently built from durable stones. They are available in almost all colors due to their variability of minerals. Additionally, they come with diverse types of finishes like polished, tumbled, brushed, or honed.

Types Of Tile For Roof

It is vital to make sure that the ideal roof tiles are installed on your property. This is because it has the tendency to have an impact on the beauty of the building, and you can make sure that the roof meets up with your home design.

There are diverse types of roofing tiles available, and some of them include:

Clay Roof Tiles

    So many homeowners who have their focus on the property market are shifting towards clay tiles to give their home a genuine aesthetic value. It comes in diverse shapes and patterns.

Concrete Roof Tiles

    They can imitate the aesthetical appeal of both clay and slate tiles and also offer increased levels of durability. They are the most favorite tile types and are highly cost-effective.

Interlocking Roof Tiles

    These are majorly flat or sometimes granular and have the tendency to be the simplest and fastest of all the roof tiles to be installed.

Types Of Tile For Bathroom

Some of the tiles you can install in your bathroom include:

Ceramic Tiles

    It has a vast range of selection from size, shape, color down to its texture and finishes. You can always make use of the wood and rock texture, which is actually ideal for a bathroom that you want to be cozy.

Terracotta Tiles

    Known to be an old-fashioned tile, they do create a cozy and homely ambiance in our homes. Its sure is sturdy and is made from either a hued clay that is earthy or from discretely red clay.

Vinyl Tile

    They are commonly used for bathrooms. It is simpler to install and highly eco-friendly because it can be re-used.

Best Floor Tiles For The Kitchen

The best floor tile that you can make use of in your kitchen include:

Ceramic Tile

    It is popularly used for the flooring of kitchens. The primary reason for its prominence is as a result of its stain and water resistance.

Porcelain Tile

    Similar to ceramic tiles, the difference is that they are of a higher standard of durability and are resistant to water much better than ceramic tiles. It is a sturdy tile that is used even in commercial kitchens.

Travertine Tile

    Over time, it has gradually become popular. It has a charm that is natural and gives the kitchen a rustic appeal. It is available in earth tones such as tan, rust and brown.

Slate Tile

    They are loved by so many people and are naturally beautiful. If you need a contemporary look, then the slate tile is your go-to tile. It is sturdy and durable and stands up well to scratches, chips, cracks, and so much more.

How To Choose Tile Edge Trim

The tile trim offers a home the ideal finish to any tilling job. Asides from its expert finish, it covers up rough and sharp edges that may likely become hazardous. They have been made available in a wide variety of colors, finishes, shapes, etc.

In choosing the right size for your tile trim, the depth of the trim should completely match the depth of the tile. It is undeniable not to have a 10mm depth trim alongside a 6mm depth tile.

Note that you should keep the trim and tile flush as it creates an expert look that you have been hoping actually to achieve. Also, you should be aware that the tile will have adhesive at its back that will rise a little bit.

So, you should choose a trim that is a little bit larger in-depth than your tile if you are confused about what to do.

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