The 10 Best Types Of Ceiling Fans For Your Home

Most people just ignore their ceiling fans. Because it is up and above, they think it does not have any effect on the interior of their house.

Ceiling fans come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, which will affect your choice when purchasing one for your home.

You also need to take into consideration of your ceiling height and the lighting and location of your room.

With all the factors to consider, buying a ceiling fan is never an easy thing to do. Luckily, this guide will take you through the different types of ceiling fans that can fit your home.

Let’s get started.

Standard Ceiling Fan

    It is called a standard ceiling Fan because it is the most commonly used fan in homes today. If you are having trouble deciding which fan to go for, you should give this one a try. It has been tried and tested by many homeowners, and you will be amazed by how versatile and customizable it is.

    Standard fans are easily noticeable with its five-blade design, built-in light, and a down-rod for hanging. These fans come in an array of beautiful colors and finishes that will make your ceiling aesthetically pleasant.

    They also come in a variety of different materials, and you can easily customize the in-built light.


    o Easy to install
    o Comes with a built-in light
    o It is cheap
    o Customizable


    o They are not efficient as like other models

Low-Profile Fan

    These are equally popular fans, and you have probably seen one in your friend’s house. They are easily installed on the ceiling with a mounting bracket.

    Unlike the standard fan, low profile or hugger fans, flush-mount, as they are commonly called, don’t require a down-rod to hang from.

    The mounting bracket onto which the fan is installed makes it perfect for low ceiling rooms. You can also customize the low-profile fan to suit your style and give your ceiling an ideal look. For example, you can customize the color or the finish to perfectly match your needs and preferences.


    o Pocket-friendly
    o Easily available
    o Easy to install


    o Not as efficient as other fans in this list

Damp and Wet Fan

    This is an interesting type of ceiling fan. It is made from warp-proof material as well as other damages caused by humidity.
    As you can already conclude, damp and wet fans are designed for rooms with high precipitations and humidity.

    These types of fans are not just used indoors; in fact, they are well suited in open exterior buildings such as gazebos.
    But they will also do well in your sunrooms, bathrooms, and covered porches.

    However, there are places where damp fans can’t survive, and that is when you turn to wet fans.

    Wet fans are designed to endure anything humidity and precipitation throw at them. They are heavy duties, alongside their in-built lights.

    There are differences between damp and wet fans. Wet fans are designed to function even extreme environments such as rains and snow.


    o Can be used virtually in any environment
    o Highly customizable
    o Easy to install


    o Not all models can work in extreme environments

Dual-Motor Fan

    Well, stating the obvious, this model has two motors, which means it also has two fans. For this reason, dual-motor fan can circulate air really further than most fans, explaining why they are commonly used in most public buildings and expansive rooms.

    You can easily adjust the two fans of this model to propel air to the direction that you want and at a speed that pleases you.


    o Highly efficient
    o It is customizable
    o Cools wide areas


    o Consumes a lot of energy

Energy Star Fan

    The rate at which energy star fan is growing indicates just how many homeowners prefer it to other models.

    And just like other fans in this list, these ones also come in different assortments categorized into standard and low-profile.

    The reason why many homeowners love this fan is that it can really save energy –uses less than 20%.

    So by going with this model, you will not only be giving your ceiling a classy look, but you will be saving massively on your monthly electricity bills.

    Lastly, you can also customize energy star fans to suit your preferences.


    o They save energy
    o They are affordable
    o Easy to mount


    o Cannot be used in humid areas

Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans

    If you don’t mind going hi-tech, remote-controlled fans are another one of the best ceiling fan options you can try in your home.

    Just like any other remote-controlled device, you will be in charge of how it functions, including its speed and when to stop.
    With the remote control, you can change the direction with which you want this fan to blow.

    Remote-controlled fans are used mainly in public places where there is a need for wide area cooling. Nevertheless, you can still use it in your home and if the specifications indicate, in high humidity and precipitation places.


    o Easy to use
    o It is high tech


    o Difficult to use without the remote
    o It is expensive when you including the cost of maintenance and remote

Industrial, Commercial, and Agricultural Fans

    You have probably seen this in barns, warehouses, or assembly lines. They are the monsters of the fans and can circulate a large volume of air, cooling wide area as a result. You will often find those with curved blades hanging a bit lower than those with straight blades.

    Agricultural fans are mostly used in barns, greenhouses, and poultry buildings as well as covered porches.


    o They cool large areas
    o Can run continuously


    o Cannot be installed in homes
    o They are pricey

Desk Fans

    Also known as tabletop fans, you have probably seen one of these in your boss’s room. They are highly portable, and you can carry them anywhere you go.

    The rotary switch regulates the airflow while you turn the head of the fan from side to side using the toggle switch.


    o Highly portable
    o Affordable
    o Easy to operate


    o It cannot be used in a wet environment

Chandelier Ceiling Fans

    This one will also decorate your ceiling with its silk design and lighting. You can kill two birds with one stone here because instead of installing a light fixture, this fan will provide both lighting and cooling.


    o Can double as light fixture and fan
    o It is decorative


    o They are expensive

Wall Fan Vent

    Wall fan vent will save you a lot of space in your home because you will just have to mount it to your wall directly. They create low-pressure airflow as well as low volume, making the function as both a cooling and ventilation system.


    o They save room space
    o Can be used as both cooling and ventilation system


    o They can be pricey than other models
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