How To Pick The Best Wall Paint For Your Home. 9 Basic Types

The paint market is a multi-million-dollar industry and has roughly 1.57 billion gallons of paints sold yearly in the United States alone.

Our spotlight today is on you and the agony you face in trying to get a new paint color for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even your dining room. The search for the ideal color is not an easy one.

Selecting the right color is not enough. You still have to choose the particular color in either a flat, semi-gloss, eggshell, or any other finish.

Getting the right finish for the surface of a room that you will be painting allows you to rest easy for the remaining years to come.

Types Of Paint

There are diverse types of wall paints available today, unlike the cavemen who were left with no choice but crude paints. Nonetheless, some of these paints include:

Oil-based paint

    These paints are often regarded to as solvent-based paints. It is the ideal choice if you need a paint that is not just durable but reliable as well. They are highly affordable, and they are among the most regular paints used in almost every home.

    Also, they can steadily stand the test of time. If you need your paint to last for an extended period of years without any damage or wear signs, you can walk down the painting path with oil-based paints.

Water-based paint

    While they are not as durable or resilient as their oil-based counterparts, they are still an ideal choice to make use of. It has several pros over the oil-based paints, and one of the reasons why most individuals go for them is because they dry much quicker.

    If you have paintings, you need to be done as quickly as possible; water-based paints will come through for you. One can make faster progress in painting lots of coats in one day because of how swiftly this paint dries up.

Latex-based paints

    Most people believe, or instead, they assume, that latex-based paints and paints that are water-based are the same. Basically, this results in confusion as the terms are used interchangeably.

    However, some latex-based paint types are actually water-based. There are the latest based paints that actively make use of chemicals.

    Getting the ideal result with this paint will rely on you to know the type of paint you just purchased before you take a step forward.

Flat paint

    Asides from being very affordable, they are said not to give off any vibrant look. You can make use of flat paints, but they are only used to paint areas in the house that people do not get to enter frequently.

    It is highly susceptible to getting damaged. Nevertheless, it can be used as an ideal paint finish for a room that is not used so much.

Matte paint

    Here, matte paints are considered to be a little bit glossier than their flat paint relative. Some people use both matte and flat paint terms interchangeably when talking about types of paints.

    However, they both have slight differences. Shifting from its glossier focus, matte paints are more durable. But, it still does not make the cut for most people.

Egg shell paint

    If you do not like matte or flat, you can go for eggshell paints as they step up after matte. Its finish sometimes appears to be matte-like. however, it is glossier than mattes.

    However, its highest selling point is that it is a little bit durable. The paint is prominently known because even though it is quite durable, it is also an affordable alternative.

    People take it a step further to use them in painting vital areas of their homes, including the living room.

Semi-gloss paint

    If you need a paint that will stand out and visually pop-up, you should consider getting semi-gloss paints. These paints are eye-catching and very durable. They are ideal for both kitchens and bathrooms.

    These paints stand up to moisture, and they will ensure that your home continues to look its very best even in years to come. Semi-gloss paints are the type of paints that are majorly used in bathrooms.

Gloss paint

    Firstly, they have the prospects of being very beautiful as they also help your walls to stand out. Gloss paints offer a whole lot of aesthetic appeal, especially when you need a classy look.

    Most people know the paint for being very simple to clean. Similar to its semi-gloss counterpart, it can be rigorously scrubbed.

A Bit About Wall Paint Glitters

    Paints that have glitters in them are very unique and only utilized most times in certain instances, like painting your child’s bedroom.

    At first, it was used while applying popcorn ceilings, but now it is found in various colors and paint mixes to offer a special wall covering for entertainment rooms, bedrooms, etc.

    With the amount of actual glitter and the volume found in the paint, you can make use of glitter wall paint in your kitchen, dining room, or even the living room.

    In applying this paint, you will need to have patience as the glitter can spread all around the house if not handled with care.

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