Upgrade Your Meditation Room – 20 Ideas

Your Own Meditation Room

Stress, anxiety, depression… no matter how hard we try, these seem to ultimately find us. Meditation is a spiritual approach to training the body, mind, and soul. However, it requires a peaceful and tranquil environment to embody its positive effects on your spirit.

Having a separate room in your house that devote to meditation, allows you to escape the daily anxieties and stresses, and has immensely positive effects on your emotional wellbeing. The meditation rooms not only creates a space for inner prosperity and mental healing but also gives you more control over your environment.

It is not compulsory to design your room in a specific way to meditate; however, it is tremendously helpful to set a particular tone to your meditation room’s décor. Psychologically a relaxing environment helps you to ease out stress and meditate with more concentration.

Here are some of the must-have items that are essential to creating a positive vibe across your spiritual circle that enhances your inner peace.


Plants To Upgrade Your Meditation Room

Get closer to Nature: Nothing creates a sense of peace and de-stressing tranquility like nature. Just viewing nature reduces anger, stress, and anxiety and enhances the positive vibes within the soul. You can opt for the following plants that effuse sacred fragrances and positive vibe across your meditation room.


    These beautiful flowers plant not only brings fragrance in your home but also attracts positive energy that helps in nourishing relationships.


    Purifies air by removing harmful toxins and odors while promoting physical and mental health

Indoor Bamboo

    This small plant creates a positive vibe and a healthy environment. The soothing view of the plant increases loves within individuals.


    Provides deep spiritual healing and healing effect on your meditation room. It is considered an excellent antioxidant that clears negative energy and invites positive energy in your home.

Peace Lily

    These plants not only look exquisitely beautiful but also bring in peace and tranquility in the overall décor of your meditation room. Scientifically, they improve air quality and reduce headaches and breathing issues caused by bad air.


    The pleasantly aromatic plant not only uplifts your mood but also brings in virility and fertility in your body.


    This plant has extraordinary cleansing properties that eliminate fear, stress, and anger. It stimulates a huge amount of positive energy flow and enlightens your soul with its soothing visual effects.

beige pollow gold plant

Items To Upgrade Your Meditation Room

Objects that constantly generate positive vibes: Your meditation room is your ultimate peace space. A simple room is great, but having items that connect to your soul through visual and spiritual aspects provide added benefits and reduces stress and anxiety. Listed are some ideas and items that will help you design the tranquility filled sanction.

Yoga Mats

    Whether you are performing a yoga asana or simply meditating, yoga mats give you personal space and perfect comfort and grip. Choose a yoga mat with enough cushioning and grip that helps you to maintain posture while also providing comfort and relaxation.


    If you prefer meditating on the floor for longer periods, yoga mats would not be enough. You will need a yoga cushion, a round pillow pouf that is colorfully hand-printed on organic cotton. This provides more comfort and helps in concentrating for longer periods.

Hang Soul-soothing tapestry

    Adding a meditation tapestry to the wall not only gives an appealing look to your meditation room but also exudes positive vibes all across your spiritual circle. You can also go “PSYCHEDELIC” with the tapestries outlook by choosing more colorful variants.


    Add more mirrors and windows to your meditation rooms to flood in more light. Light has a way of connecting with your true self and provides a refreshing reflection and contemplation while you meditate.

Scented Candles

    The fragrance has its way to soothe your inner self. The light that candles emit is perfect for relaxation, and its flickering is great for creating a focal point to increase concentration.

Mini Rock Garden

    This creates an ultimate Zen experience that makes you feel closer to nature, and if appropriately designed, it will provide a great place for meditation and quiet contemplation.

Soothing Music

    Add soothing music that mimics nature, such as the flow of water, rainfall, leaves rustling, etc. To your meditation room. This an out of the world experience that helps you to calm the angst and stress in your soul, and calmly contemplate on your life.

Peaceful Art

    Your meditation room décor needs peaceful visuals to create positive vibes and reduce stress and anxiety. This creates an attractive and tranquil setting for you to practice relaxation techniques with visualization and imagery.

Incense and Essential Oils

    The fragrance from essential oils and incense add a charming warmth to your meditation room, that enhances your meditation experience and takes your spiritual journey to another level.

Lone Lamps

    Keeping lamps in your meditation room gives more control over the lightening and helps you adjust the right amount of light when needed. It is best preferred to have just one lamp in the meditation room and use an adjustable bulb or dimmer.

White Curtains

    The ‘white color’ is the most relaxation hue among all color spectrums. It does not hinder light entirely and can be adjusted to allow the right amount of light in your meditation room. White curtains actualize a surreal energy flow all across your meditation space and give you an option to create a space in-between space.

Hammock Chair

    Nothing beats the hammock chair when you need to relax and self-contemplate. It gives you the joy of a swing and the soothing effects of tranquility. If you feel uncomfortable sitting on the floor for more extended periods, the Hammock chair is a must-have for your meditation room.

A Solitude Canopy

    Not everyone can afford an extra space in their homes, and the solitude canopy gives you an option to create a meditation space even in the smallest of rooms. This is also an excellent accessory for meditation if you are traveling.

    Your ultimate goal is reducing stress and anxiety by letting in positive vibes and spiritual tranquility into your soul. These methods and items will not only give a beautifully exquisite décor to your meditation room but also would surround you with a soothing and stress-free environment.

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