Bring A Vacation Vibe To Your Room: 4 Simple Steps

Vacation is one of the most memorable and pleasurable moments one wishes never to end; this can come at the end of the work or study session. The feelings you get can make you forget your to-do list and the lovely atmosphere that you never wish to miss.
Without mincing words, let’s go straight to: How to create vacation vibe design.

Below are the steps and processes needed to get the design done:


Interior design is the main deal in vacation design. So, in choosing the perfect material for vacation design, it is essential to source for adorable and durable materials that will last longer.

Linen Fabric

    There is a distinctive look that Linen gives a home; it makes it look unique. So, linen should be ideal for interior fabrics such as the beddings, pillows, duvets, blankets, curtains, and window blinds.
    There are so many textures to linens according to your preferred taste.

Larch Wood

    This is one of the best wooden material to be used for vacation design because of its moisture-resistance and vigor.
    Larch wood is attractive as it adds light and color, giving a unique texture to the design. Hence, it is widely used in modern design, perfect for room furniture, exposed ceiling beams, modern bathroom design, wooden walls, and floors.

Silver and Brass Metal

    Metallic finishes have been the go-to when it comes to design finishes throughout different industries specialized in interior and home decorations.

    For some years now, silver and brass are the trendy and adorable metal finishes used by most interior designers because it gives out a distinct and expensive look.

    A foremost designer, Isabel Ayre-Lynch says: “Silver and brass are the most popular choices in terms of finish as they speak to a deep aesthetic sensibility, yet are relatively neutral, sitting well with most colored upholsteries. It looks like this trend is here to stay.”


Color is an essential aspect of vacation vibe designs; it is very crucial to pick a matching color for the furniture and walls.

Earth Tone

    These are also known as neutral or natural colors, and these colors include beige, brown soil, green leaf, cloudy sky etc.
    They are versatile and reliable in decoration; it also blends with any atmosphere of the room.


It is of paramount significance to decorate the vacation venue with a good design. There are different types of decorations available for these.

Ceiling Wood Beam

    The great ambiance of a decorated ceiling beam transforms the entire room to a luxury environment. You can use real or faux wood; a solid wood beam is the best to use though it might be costly.

Wood Decorative Screen

    This is a stunning piece that will give a trendy and classy look, and at the same time gives some form of privacy by using it to divide a particular part of the room. It can be used to divide or separate a specific section from another in the room.

Translucent Curtains

    This is a light weighted semi-transparent curtain with the ability to absorb and reduce noise. The design and pattern on the curtain give the room a distinct look and appeal; it comes in different colors and sizes depending on your preference.


It is so cool having a beautiful tropical plant/flowers around the room in the vacation design, it gives the interior a good feel and looks.

Philodendron (Split Leaf)

    This tropical plant beautifies the room wherever it is planted; it requires you to water it regularly and replace it’s pot to a bigger one every year for it grow well.

Bird Of Paradise Plant

    This tropical plant is dramatic as it grows faster under good condition, exceptionally bright light, you also need to water it regularly as it hates to dry, and make sure you change yearly.

Palms Indoor

    Having palm in the room makes it look beautiful and have one distinct look. Making the palm grow well requires you to water it regularly (but don’t overwater it) and keep it away from air vents or cold drafts.

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