Vastu Tips for Every Room In Your Home

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Vastu is an ancient practice that originated from Indian culture. The practice spread across the continents and now is used by many people all over the world to enhance their homes for better living.

The principle dictates that every corner of the house contains energies that are reflected on you and your family. Vastu was simple to apply back then before the evolution of building architecture, but that is not to say that it cannot be done in modern apartments and buildings.

The Four Vastu Direction

The first thing you need to establish is the Vastu directions of your house. Directions are a key element to the practice and without knowing them; it can be difficult to find mistakes at the premises.

To identify the Vastu directions of your house, stand facing the direction of the sunrise, which is east. While maintaining this direction, your backside is west, your left hand is north, and your right hand is in the southern direction.

Alternatively, if you can access a compass, you can easily establish the Vastu directions of your house.

The four Vastu directions have their specific significance and are attributed to different planets with distinct colors. That means that each of the four directions Vastu has its own auspicious color.

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Here are the four directions with their colors:

North direction – Green
East direction – White
South direction – Red
West direction – Blue


The point between two directions is known as “Junction,” “Meeting Points,” or “Corners.” According to Vastu, a junction or a corner is more powerful than a single direction because it has a combined force of the two directions. For this reason, it is important to map out these points before constructions so that you can plan properly the “Junction” of your house.

The same eight Vastu direction

While every house has the same eight Vastu directions, their effects may vary depending on the usage and maintained. If you the directions are perfectly used and managed according to the Vastu rules, the energies will protect the inhabitants of the house. But if done against the rules, the house will become the devil’s den and nobody will be happy.

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Tips for Vastu Living Room

The living room is where you welcome guests. It is also the room that you share your private time in with your family, watching TV or discussing family matters. For that reason, it is one of the most important rooms in a house.

The direction of the living room

According to Vastu, if your house faces north or south direction, the living room should be in the northeast direction. If your house faces west, the recommended living room direction is the northwest side, while appropriate direction for a south-facing home is the southeast.


The living room accommodates a lot of things. Each of these things must be placed according to the Vastu rules to ensure better and free energy flow inside the room. Here are Vastu directions associated with living room accessories:


The southwest direction of the living room is apt for the telephone.

-Electric devices

Electric devices and appliances like the air conditioner, cooler, etc. are suitable for the north or west area of the living room. The television can be placed in the southeast area of the room.


Pieces of furniture in the living room should be placed in the west or south areas of the room. The ideal furniture shapes are rectangle and square.


If you feel you want an aquarium at your house the best place for it in the north and east location of the living room. These areas are also suitable for paintings depicting water elements.


For lightings, avoid installing or hanging chandeliers at the center of the living room, instead, pace them in the northern areas.


Your living room doors and windows should be in the north or east direction of the house.

vastu color map rooms

Color scheme

The color or your living room is determined based on its direction in relation to the house and the ruling planet. All eight Vastu directions have their own unique colors with a specific meaning. If your living room is in the east, the color scheme to be used is white and is ruled by the planet Sun.

Blue is the color for a west living room and the planet that rules this direction is Saturn. Generally, light shades of green and yellow are perfect for any Vastu living room. Red and black should keep off from the living room as much as possible.

Living room seating arrangements

There are seating guidelines that each member of the house should follow according to Vastu in the living room. The parents or the head of the family and their partners should sit in the southwest area of the living room, and facing east or northeast. Visitors should sit in the northwest and southeast directions facing the south or west directions of the living room.


Curtains are important for the appearance of your living room. Light or sheer curtains should be hanged in the living room if the windows face east or north from where the sun rises. Use heavy drapes if your living room windows face west or south. Vastu experts suggest you use either a single type or a combination of lightweight and thick curtains.

Open space

The northeast area of your living room should remain empty and neat all the time. According to Vastu, this corner is the only one that attracts maximum wealth and good fortune. You can adorn the area with green plants.

Paintings and art

The northeast wall of the living room is perfect for hanging paintings and artworks. But you need to be careful with the kind of images you hang as they will affect the energy of the room. Images should be beautiful and uplifting, not sad, violent, anger or negative.

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Vastu Tips For Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house in Vastu traditions. According to the experts, the kitchen is important because it is the only place where you can best attain better health and enhance motivation. It is the spring of our daily energy.

Each item in the kitchen is important and must be positioned according to the principles and guidelines of Vastu to ensure that positive energy prevails.

Vastu direction of your kitchen

To obtain a Vastu kitchen you must observe the following rules:

-Entry door

The entry door must face east, north, or west and must not be installed in any corner of the walls.

-Gas cylinder

The gas cylinder should be placed in the southeast of the kitchen, empty cylinders should be placed in a southwestern direction, and the gas stove must be placed close to the wall.

-Cooking gas

Cooking gas should be placed in the southeast corner and should never be placed in front of the main entry. It should also be arranged so that you cook facing east.


The refrigerator’s best positions in the kitchen include the west, north, south, or southeast. You can also place the refrigerator in the southwestern area but ensure that it is inches away from the corner. Never place a refrigerator in the northeastern direction.

-Electronics equipment

Electronics equipment such as heaters, ovens, microwave, and conventional ovens must be placed in the south or southeast direction. Never should you ever place these devices in the northeast direction.

-Kitchen racks

Kitchen racks can be placed in the northeastern, southern wall or western corner.

Exhaust fan and windows of the kitchen must be located in the east direction, but smaller ones can be placed towards the south.


Clocks should be hanged on the south or southwest wall.

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Vastu color scheme for your kitchen

The kitchen colors should be yellow, orange, rose, red, and chocolate. Avoid at all cost using black color in your kitchen space.

Kitchen flooring

The best flooring styles for Vastu kitchen are mosaic, ceramic, and marble.


Things to avoid in the kitchen according to Vastu

• The kitchen should never be above or below toile/bathroom.

• Never place your kitchen in the north or northeast as it may affect your career.

• The bathroom or toilet must never share a wall with the kitchen because it may affect your health as well as that of your family.

• The kitchen should never face the main door of the house.

• Kitchen stove should never be visible from the outside.

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Vastu Tips For Bedroom

Using Vastu principles while decorating your bedroom will bring lots of health benefits to you. For example, you will never wake up tired and gain or your children will have to experience horrifying nightmares or have respiratory problems.

To follow

Here are tips to follow to have a Vastu bedroom.

-Rose quartz

Place four pieces of tumbled, uncut rose quartz one in each corner of the bedroom to improve your love life and romantic relationships.

-Master bedroom

Place the master bedroom in the southwest area of the house. This area represents the earth element which is associated with heaviness.

-No mirror in front of the bed

No mirror in front of the bed as they collect stress and then “show it” to you.

-Heads facing east, west, or south

Arrange the bed in all your bedrooms so that its occupants can sleep with heads facing east, west, or south but never north direction.

-Avoid beams crossing

Avoid having a beam crossing over the bed otherwise, your health will be compromised.


Place a heave wardrobe on the southwest wall.

-Avoid iron beds

Your bed should be made of wood alone, avoid wrought iron beds completely.

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Vastu master bedroom tips

The Vastu principles dictate that the master bedroom should be placed in the south, southwest, and west direction. The head of the family should avoid using the northeast corner as a bedroom. If the head of the family uses the northeast area bedroom, it may affect his health both physically and financially.

The vastu colors for bedroom include:

• Northeast bedroom – yellow, blur, and green
• North bedroom – green
• East bedroom – white
• Southeast bedroom – silver white
• South bedroom – pink, coral, or red
• Southwest bedroom – shades of brown will be perfect
• West bedroom – lighter blue, it can also be used in the children’s bedroom.
• Northwest bedroom – white

Here are tips to follow when setting up the master bedroom.

• Prefer location is the southwest direction.
• The head should face south direction when sleeping, or east.
• Avoid window(s) right behind the bed.
• Don’t have any reflection of your bed when sleeping.
• If you have your master bedroom in the southwest direction, consider raising the flooring level of this room than

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Vastu Tips For Bathroom

Another important room in a house is the bathroom. Despite its importance, many people usually ignore to follow the right rules when construction and decorating this room.

Bathroom accessory directions

• Mirror – north
• Toilet – northwest, west and should be a few inches above the ground
• Showers and taps – north
• Switchboard, geyser, any electric equipment – southeast or northwest or both
• Sink – east, north, or northeast
• Bathtub – west
• Overhead tank – northwest
• Drainage system – northeast
• Changing room – west or south
• Windows and ventilators – north or east
• Door – east

Vastu bathroom colors

The correct bathroom colors for a Vastu bathroom are white, grey hues, light blue, pink, or any pastel colors.

Important points to keep in mind

• Always bathe in the east or north side of the bathroom
• Put the dirty clothes in the northwestern corner of the bathroom
• Avoid toilet in the eastern or northeast corner
• Never place your bathroom door in the southwest direction.
• Always keep the bathroom clean to allow in positive energies to freely flow inside. The bathroom outlets should be in the east or north.
• Add plants for natural touch and beauty of your bathroom.


Vastu Tips For Your Business

Vastu is applicable anywhere there is a building structure, including your office. Today, many contemporary projects are being constructed with Vastu guidelines. Basically, Vastu deals with architecture and building construction.

Let’s look at the best vatu practices for your office and business

-Face north, northeast

Your office should face north, northeast, or northwest to attract good luck, prosperity, and positive energy.

-The main entrance

The main entrance to your office should face north or east direction, and there should not be any objects that would interfere with the energy flow.

-The lobby

The lobby or welcome room of your business, must be located in the northeast corner of the room or east direction.

-Remain empty

The central part of the office should remain empty all the time.

-Staff desks

Your staff desks should be arranged facing east or north directions.

-Personal room

Your personal room or office should be in the southwest area of the building and should sit facing northwards. Your seat should not have any statues or temple behind it. Your desk should be rectangular and be placed so that there is a concrete wall behind it. The room should not have any glass structure.

-Northwest corner is empty

Make sure the northwest corner is empty to attract wealth and lots of good lucks. This area should not have a toilet nearby as it will interfere with your fortunes. Place a white horse in this region as it symbolizes wealth.

-Accounting department

Place your accounting department in the east and north zone and the accountant(s) should sit facing north and east directions, and all the financial records should be stored in southwest or north of the cabinet.

-The conference room

The conference room should be located in the northwest zone of the office building.

-Electronic devices

All electronic devices should be arranged in the southeast direction.

-All desks

All desks at your office should be square or rectangle in shape, otherwise, it will create confusion.

office concrete indoor plants industrial style

Better directions for your office

• Main entrance – north or east direction
• Personal or owner’s office – southeast
• Accounts department – southeast direction
• Staff office – northwest
• Marketing division – northwest
• Conference hall – northwest
• Pantry – southeast
• Locker – southwest-facing north
• Reception – north-east and the staff sit facing either north or east direction
• Toilets – southwest and northeast
• Staircase- west, southwest or southwest or all the named directions.

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