Vinyl vs Laminate Floor – What You Need To Know

Vinyl Flooring

There are two types of vinyl floorings which are further divided into various parts. Let us start with the first type of vinyl flooring, which is Sheet vinyl flooring.

As it is clear from the name itself, which states that this type of vinyl flooring comes in the form of long sheets which are spread, over the floor. Such kind of vinyl floorings is highly flexible and durable.

The next type of Vinyl flooring is Vinyl composition tile, under this type of flooring option you are offered vinyl tiles to be used over the floor to cover. As the Sheet vinyl flooring comes in different shapes and sizes, same is in this case, the size of vinyl tiles are different. Some of the vinyl tiles options in which the tiles are available are 12×12, 12×24, and many more depending upon the type of work and area to be covered.

Luxury Vinyl

This is a type of vinyl flooring option on which you would be able to see high-quality designs of wood and stones. They are made with such perfection that no one can distinguish it as a vinyl flooring, as it looks completely real. This is an expensive type of vinyl flooring option, which can be installed almost anywhere on the floor.

As for their water-resistant profile, all of the vinyl floorings are applied with the help of special adhesives, which makes the vinyl flooring thoroughly water-resistance. Therefore the water would not be able to reach up to the actual floor.


    • One of the most critical advantages of Vinyl flooring is that it is highly durable, which means you won’t have to change it or replace it after some time of use. If it takes proper care, then you would not need to change it for a lifetime also.

    • The next advantage is, comparing to some tiles cases, you must have noticed that the tile gets broken by heavyweight. In the case of vinyl flooring, no matter it’s vinyl sheets or vinyl tiles you will never face such problem ever with it.

    • The next most significant advantage of Vinyl flooring is that it is not at all expensive, which is an excellent plus point that you are getting so many great features with such a low cost.

    • The next good thing about vinyl flooring is that it has a variety of colors so that you can use vinyl flooring for any color combination.


    • The first disadvantage you can face with vinyl flooring is that for its installation, you should have a very smooth floor without any dent or all.

    • If you want to replace your old vinyl floor with a new one, you should first remove the older one and then apply the next newer vinyl floor.

    • Although you can install it by yourself, it’s recommended that to go with a professional vinyl flooring installer.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is made up of combining several layers of synthetic lamination. As it is made up of a combination of layers, the top layer comprises the primary floor material on which you will notice various designs. The center layer consists of melamine and fiberboard, and this is the reason because of which the floor can provide better durability.

There are a bunch of laminate flooring types, let us have a look at them:

Wood Grain

    This is the first type of laminate flooring and also one of the most famous one. This type of laminate flooring is a budget-friendly option. Although it is wood-like pattern, it does not mean you would be offered only brown color, there are a bunch of color options for the wood grain design.

Thick laminate flooring

    The next type of laminate flooring is a thick one; this option is for those who want high-quality and hard flooring for their place. This type of laminate flooring comes in almost every color option and design.

Other textures

    There are some different textures, such as marble pattern, stone texture, and many other designs.


    • If you are finding a type of flooring option which lets you get a better visual option, then you should go with Laminate flooring.

    • As we discussed above that vinyl flooring is affordable, but do you know that laminate flooring is a more affordable option than vinyl flooring.

    • If you want to clean it, then laminate flooring can be cleaned easily with the help of a mop. Some flooring options need some special cleaners, but with laminate flooring, you can get it cleaned it with water and a mop.

    • The color of laminate flooring does not fade away ever. This is also a plus point for Laminate flooring.

    • Laminate flooring does not get swelled up if water falls on it, which means it is better than hardwood.

    • It’s actually durable, and you can easily place a heavy object on it, and hence you will never notice any dents or bumps on the floor.


    • The first disadvantage is if you find a natural color option such as hardwood. That laminate floor would not be able to provide you.

    • It needs to be replaced after every 10 to 15 years.

    • This type of floor produces a bit of sound when someone moves on it. If you are finding a silent kind of option, then this is not for you.

Which Option Is More Durable?

Let us have a look at the most durable option from between vinyl flooring and laminate flooring. Here are some factors, which will help you to choose the best and more durable option for you.

    • Laminate flooring is more durable than vinyl flooring, which means laminate flooring got one point.

    • Laminate flooring is more affordable than vinyl flooring.

    • Vinyl flooring can get cuts on it while laminate flooring will never get such a problem.

Having a look at these factors, we can say that laminate flooring is a better option than vinyl flooring. Just one thing to take care is you need to replace laminate flooring after every 10-15 years.

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