Choose The Best Wall Panel For Your Home – 12 Types

Wall panel has been in existence years ago to cover the wall of a house, but this is usually done to hide damp or some crumbling plaster works. Not until the 21st century when the scope of wall paneling changes and becomes a decorative feature in interior designs.

Therefore, wall panel is mostly a flat material cut into rectangular shapes and pieces used to cover up a wall; it is used as a form of insulation and sound-proof medium in the house.

Wall Panel Types

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

This is also known as tileboard, which is made of melamine or resin; it is made in such a way that it resembles ceramic tiles. One of the advantages of MDF is easy affordability.

Acoustic Panel

This is the wall panel used to reduce the noise level or to block noise from a room. Acoustic panels are made from foam or wood cores, then covered with a layer of plastic or Vinyl. It absorbs the noise and gives superb sound effects in the room. It is mostly used in halls, classrooms, studios etc.

Decorative Wall Panel

This is used to beautify the room; it comes in various styles and sizes. One of this type is wainscoting, and it is one of the most commonly used wall panel, made from wood and synthetic materials; patterned with carvings and designs.

Utility Wall Panel

This is otherwise known as pegboard, and it is made from perforated hardboard. As its name implies, it contains rows of small holes which can be used to hang things. It is frequently used in garages, kitchens and for some commercial purposes.

Structural Wall Panel

This is also known as exterior paneling, it is made from materials like cement, woods, fibre, bricks, tiles etc. Structural wall panels are used to protect the wall from the atmospherical effect of nature.

Wall Materials


This is one of the materials used in the production of wall panels. Stainless steel is mostly used because of its sterile texture, and it’s easily washable surface.


The fabric stretched over wood panels can be used for wall panel; this fabric is mostly used in the production of the acoustic wall panel.


This is a new material for wall panels, it’s made from the crushed fibre of sugarcane stalks, and this is after the sugarcane has been fully extracted. The cane from the sugarcane is shredded and moulded into a three-dimensional textured wall panel.


This is a composite and human-made material made from Polyvinyl Chloride with a moderate amount of plasticizer. It can be used in almost any room or even in the bathroom due to its fire and water resistance capabilities.


This is a wall panel material from gypsum covered in a vinyl coating.


This is also a material used in producing wall panel, and it is in the form of plasterboard sheets.


This material is gotten by incorporating ceramic tiles on a backing board and then turned into a panelled wall.

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