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How Feng Shui Cures Can Fix Negative Chi

The basic principles and teachings of Feng Shui advocate harmony and balance between the surrounding energy or ‘Qi’ and us. Feng Shui cures attract the best type of energy when the placements are done correctly.

There are basically 2 main categories of feng shui cures:

Classical or Traditional Feng Shui

These conceptual symbols have been in use since the creation of Feng Shui dating back to thousands of years. They embody the essence of various energies associated with the powerful elements of nature, such as the tortoise, the Phoenix, and the dragon. Listed here are the feng shui cures related to these elements.


    The natural aura of a tortoise represents knowledge and spiritualism. In Bagua, knowledge, and wisdom are considered as the spiritual center of the feng shui map. Another great choice for knowledge and spiritualism, as per Feng Shui, is the owl. These can be placed near books and bookshelves to get a spiritual visualization.


    The symbolism of the Dragon in Feng Shui cure is extreme power. These magnificent creatures represent the true essence of domination and control over your surroundings and work life. Not recommended for a home since the visualization may interfere with love and other relationships. One way to work around this is to pair it with the Phoenix. This creates a unique balance between the yin and yan, allowing the male and female to express their individual qualities and energies through harmony.


    The dragon tends to evoke different emotions and connotations across various cultures and countries. However, the symbol and perception of the Phoenix are across all cultures and countries is that of a profound inner transformation and power of rebirth. Throughout the history of Chinese civilization, the mythical and alluring Phoenix is attributed to qualities of pristine beauty, inspiration, and enchanting grace. The contrasting energies that invariably invoke harmonious energies are what makes the Dragon and Phoenix as the perfect feng shui cure-pairs.

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Modern Feng Shui Cures

These are mostly associated with the positioning of the 5-feng shui elements to harvest “Chi” and harmonize the surrounding energies. The fountain represents water feng shui and brings out the presence of the water feng-shui element while wooden frames and plants represent the element wood.

The 5-feng shui elements imply visual aesthetics to the concept of a constructive cycle. For example, water provides growth to wood; the wood then is used as fuel for the element fire; the ash from the wood on fire becomes the essence of earthen minerals forming metals.

In some cases, the cycle is opposite to constructive and may harm one’s psyche when the arrangement differs. For, e.g., metal can cut wood, and water may erode minerals.

The items for modern Feng shui cures are fundamental in nature, and as mentioned earlier, the arrangement is the key. Here are a few modern feng shui cures that work wonders in manifesting the positive energy across your environment.

Life Force of Plants

    Plants not only represent wood, one of the essential elements of feng shui, but also the energy or ‘chi’ of life force. For a healthy and vibrant home filled with life and natural beauty, plants are the best feng shui cures. Bamboo is not only the option to choose. Any type of plant will harvest the chi across your home and give you a significant supply of life force.

    Dry out, or plastic flowers are a complete no since they symbolize death and dying. Your plants and flowers should be alive to capture the inflowing chi.

Galloping Horse

    This feng shui cure represents opportunity and success. An excellent feng shui for office or workplace, the majestic galloping horse, is not only a sight to behold but also symbolizes strength and loyalty.


    A lit candle looks beautiful and is a very easy to use feng shui cure. The express the elements of fire and invoke the energy of purification and inspiration. These are very powerful and should be used with caution.


    In feng shui, fountains represent the element of water. They not only symbolize wealth and prosperity but also create a fantastic amount of energy in any place. If place it inside, make sure to keep it close to a window so that it captures the chi that flows in your home.

Gem and Crystal trees

    This is an interesting combination of various elements, such as wood, metal, and minerals. They also look beautiful, and their feng shui cure is used for wealth and health. Just make sure to use the right type of crystals for a more centric visualization and energy manifestation.

Wind Chimes

    Perfect for outdoors, the wind chimes are very popular feng shui cures for their ability to harness the ‘chi’ from the wind and remove negative energy from your home.


    Attributed to the water feng shui element, mirrors are one of the most popular and powerful feng shui cures. Also known as the aspirin of feng shui, they can bring beneficial energies across your home. They manifest the energy of refreshment and calm by creating an optical illusion of expanded space and produces more light.


    These feng shui cures signify the strength and healing energy of the earth feng shui element. Crystals bring in joy and protection by manifesting the right amount of good quality ‘chi’ and absorbing negative energy from your surroundings.

Wood Photo frames

    Feng Shui is more of a science of visualization rather than a religion. The feng shui wood element represents stability and intense bonds. You can use phot frames made of wood with pictures of your loved ones to harness the positive ‘chi’ and create stability in your relationships.

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