What’s Mantra Meditation & how to do it?

Mantras are powerful yet straightforward chants used for meditation. These are in the form of syllables, words, or phrases repeated as speech or chants in your mind or as whispers.

Mantra’s definition is derived from two roots: Man, this means mind or to think) and Trai, that means ‘protect from,’ ‘free from,’ or ‘tool.’ When combined, they mean ‘tools to free your mind.’

The word takes its roots from Buddhism, Hinduism, Judeo-Christian, and Yoga; however, in this article, we will be as secular as possible. Mantra does not explicitly adhere to a particular religion. It is a centuries-old practice used to meditate and free up your mind or train your brain to achieve a higher conscience.

Two principal components

Most Mantra techniques have two principal components; ‘mindfulness meditation’ in which the chants and phrases are repeated in mind, and ‘mantra recitation,’ which requires you to whisper.

In many cases, mantra meditation serves as mental protection against unwanted distractions and emotions. In contrast, in other cases, it is used for a deeper spiritual purpose.

How to do Mantra Meditation (The step-by-step process)

There are various ways to perform Mantra meditations. These work as an object of focus and concentration. Mantras can be performed in the following ways but are not limited to only these actions.

  • Vocal Recitation
  • Recitation in the mind
  • Listening
  • Fast repetitions or Slow repetitions
  • Repetitions by itself

These methods can be connected to breathing, feelings, visualizations, abstract concepts, chakras, etc.

Step 1:

Choosing your Mantra is the key to the start of your meditation. In simpler terms, a mantra also means a word or phrase that you repeat to yourself in whispers or silence during meditation. The Mantra’s core purpose is to give your mind a focal point where you put your attention on other than your wandering thoughts.

Choose your Mantra as per your desire. It could be any word that forms a rhythm and relates to you, personally and emotionally. One of the best examples is the iconic ‘chest-thumping and humming’ scene from ‘Wolf of Wall Street.’

Step 2:

Make yourself comfortable. Find a quiet location or better make a meditation room at your home. Sit in a relaxing position. You can sit down, up, or in any position that you are comfortable with as long as your body posture is upright. If you want to know how to make your private meditation room, check out this article HERE!

Step 3:

Deep Breathes: Close your eyes and take a few cleansing breathes by inhaling through your nose and slowly exhaling out your mouth. Continue breathing slowly and gently close your lips.

Step 4:

Start reciting your Mantra silently or through whispers. Let go of your thoughts slowly and steadily build focus on your Mantra’ word’ or ‘phrase.’

Repeat the Mantra as long as you like. If you sense exhaustion, stop for a moment before you continue.

Step 5:

Now stop the Mantra. After 20 to 20 minutes, stop the chant continue sitting with your eyes closed.

Give it a try today?

Mantra chants enhance the power of sound. The slight hums or cognitive repetitions help us manage stress, create mental clarity & calmness, replace negative thoughts and emotions, and sharpen our concentration.

A meditation room at your home is one of the best ways to meditate and relieve stress. You can add a few items in your room to aid meditation, such as salt lamps, indoor plants, yoga mats, and meditation cushions. You can check out the whole list of items here, which can aid you with your mediation and decorate your meditation room.

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