Choosing Wall Panels: These 13 Facts Will Help You

Wall panel is a single piece of material usually flat and cuts into a rectangular shape that serves as the physical and exposed covering for a wall. It is a covering element for walls that are used for better aesthetics or decoration.

Wall panel serves as functional and as well as a decorative element providing insulation and sound-proofing. It is better than painting or using wallpaper on the wall, as it is more durable, beautiful and hygienic. One can even hide the speakers and electrical cables behind the paneling.

Wall panel can be used in private, business and neighborhood segment. It is useful for creating excellent design and style in the following areas: TV/Media divider, work of art, bed heads, lobby/passage components, board room, lounge areas, retail outlets, meeting room etc.

Things to consider when choosing wall panels


    It is essential to consider the present look of your home before you can decide to change the look without it looking out of place or disorganized. Think about what materials and texture of the wall panel you want, whether you want a dramatic color, patterned wallpaper, you want to use pastels to allow the paneling and wall to blend with the rest of the wall, or you want the walls to be one-colored with a little texture. The answers to these depend on the circumstances on ground and your preferred choice.


    The usefulness of the wall panel is also essential in choosing the right one for your room. You need to consider if you need the wall panel to provide some great functions apart from making your room special, such as hanging or placing pictures on the chair rail or picture rail respectively, reducing outside noise, dividing segments of the room among other functions. The answers to these will help you determine the styles and length that suits your room.


    Making a wall panel of the whole house will look tacky and make it lose the beautiful effects it’s supposed to bring. For instance, wall paneling a wall to ceiling in a small room can make it look cramped and dark, and if it’s applied to a large room, it will add class and opulence to it. Choose a particular area to implement this for the most significant impact like dining, hallways, stairwells and living rooms.


    When choosing a wall panel, it is also necessary to take note of the quality of materials used in making the wall panel. Because it will be a loss and waste of resources if, after a short period, the wall panel starts to spoil. So it is pertinent to take note of this.

Popular Wall Panel Types

Wood Wall Panel

    Wall panels made of wood are mostly from natural woods such as mahogany, cedar, oak, maple etc. It is perfect for housing due to its environmental friendliness. It is moderately durable if it’s coated with wax, it is advisable to avoid corrosive fluids from splashing on it in order to prevent stains.

Brick Wall Panel

    This a decorative wall panel made of faux brick. It can reflect both urban and rustic environment according to one’s preference; it can be used in studio or office due to their elegance and appealing sight, which provides a sensational outlook. It is highly durable and easy to maintain.

Stone Wall Panel

    This is also a decorative wall panel made of faux stone, and it can make your dream of having a traditional or rustic house with a modern outlook come true. Some of the advantages of using stone wall panel are it’s high resistance and durability wherever it is placed. Also, it is one of the cheapest out of most decorative covering or wall panel available. It is highly durable and straightforward to maintain.

3D Wall Panel

    3D wall panels are the modern decorative cover that can be mounted on a wall, door, furniture, columns etc. It is made from the fibrous residue of sugarcane.

    The 3D wall panel is becoming more popular day by day due to its decorative and appealing three-dimensional visual look. It is durable, but care should be adequately taken to avoid corrosive fluids from getting onto it.

Plastic Wall Panel

    Plastic Wall panel is also a modern decorative wall covering made from Polyvinyl Chloride popularly called PVC with some amount of plasticizer to make it rigid. It can be used for almost any room due to its high resistance to water, fire and other defects. It is highly durable and effortless to maintain.

Wall Panels For The Following Places

Bathroom/Shower Wall Panel

    This is a modern wall panel for covering the interiors of a bathroom/shower; it is made from Medium Density Fibre, also known as MDF. It is an excellent modern solution than traditional tiling due to its grout-free surface, which makes it easier to clean. Even easier to install, stylish and high insulating.

Bedroom Wall Panel

    The bedroom is an essential room in a home, as it is a place to relax, but this shouldn’t mean it should be boring. The bedroom wall panel is a decorative covering for the bedroom. Different wall panel materials can be used, such as Wooden, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) panel walls. But it is essential to take note of the environment before choosing a particular wall panel for the bedroom.

Basement Wall Panel

    This is the decorative covering for the base walls of a house. There are several wall panel ideas to choose from, depending on the condition and circumstances around the environment. For instance, a plastic basement wall panel will be ideal for moist areas as it is water-proofed, other wall panels can also be used for the basement in as much as it is damp-free.


    The kitchen is the heart of the home, where the food is being prepared. Therefore it is necessary to make it look classy. Wall panels for the kitchen are essential in decorating and providing some functions. Wall panel material that can be used in the kitchen depends on the nature of the environment and circumstances around it. Wall panel materials like water PVC, aesthetic faux stone, decorative wood, graphite tiles etc.

Wall Panel Materials

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