Why Can Feng Shui Turtle Change Your Life?

There is a great belief that turtles can aid humans to bring home success and a lot of happiness. Moreover, they have faith that the excellent way is a great way to generate and spread positive energy within the living space.

Furthermore, there lies a trust that Tortoise serves as a symbol for longevity, and hence there is a high demand among many for fulfilling their wishes of long and healthy lives.

In addition, Tortoise is a Feng Shui representation that stands for protection and immunity against bad intentions. Let’s see more about such Feng Shui Turtles here.

What Does Turtle Represent In Feng Shui?

Turtles have a significant role in Feng Shui. If we look into Hindu mythology, people believe that during Samundra Manthan, Lord Vishnu had taken the avatar of a tortoise.

Different turtles serve different purposes. A female turtle that carries babies on its shell represents a symbol of family and children. They are considered as one of the most auspicious animal statues as a luck enhancer or as a remedy.

Another representation of the turtle stands for long life, wisdom, and endurance. The shells of turtles represent protection. They represent as animals of mythical beliefs to give wisdom based on how they have been placed in the home and harmony with the surrounding environment. The black Tortoise stands for providing support and stability.

Where is the appropriate placement and facing direction for the turtle?

In general, the back of your house is considered an ideal place to keep the turtle. However, they also can be placed in different directions as given below:

  • Keeping the turtle closer to a fish tank or an artificial waterfall is believed to offer luck for the household.
  • Keeping turtles in ‘Tien Yi’ direction is believed to fight against illness. To determine the Tien Yi direction, you should have developed the knowledge on Kua numbers.
  • Turtle placed near the bed head believed to remove all your anxieties. Moreover, this also helps insomnia issues.
  • Turtle placement in the north direction is good for a career.
  • Turtle placement in the northwest in a house can help in adding patriarch’s luck.
  • Turtles in the east direction will offer a dedicated attitude.
  • However, it is not good to keep it in the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Turtle Feng Shui To Boost Career

    The feng shui Bagua map is believed to have an area that is referred to as Kan. This is related to my career. Consultants or experts will typically locate this in the north sector of a home.

    Placing a Turtle Feng Shui image at this place can give you all the support needed for your career in terms of protection, wisdom, and success.

    If you look to have advancements in your career, place a turtle either in the North or Northwest corner of the office or home.

    What is the best material for my turtle Feng Shui Cure?

    There are various types of turtles available in the market. They are available as made up of metal, glass, crystal, wood, and stone.

    Stone turtle

    A stone-made turtle has to be placed near the main entrance, facing the west direction. It brings protection to your home.

    Metal turtle

    A metal tortoise has to be kept in the north or the northwest direction. This will help attract good fortune into the children’s lives, aid in sharpen their minds, and improve their concentration level.

    Crystal turtle

    A crystal turtle has to be placed in the northwest or southwest direction.

    Wooden turtle

    A wooden tortoise is recommended to be placed home’s east or southeast direction. They help eliminate negative energies from home and bring positivity to your life and the family members.

    Good Luck And Prosperity by the Turtle In Feng Shui

    There is a particular area in the feng shui Bagua map. This is referred to as the Xun position. This is believed to be the position that has deep relations to wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

    A turtle, either in real or a statue or in the form of an augmented dragon, helps bring wealth, sleep, financial windfalls, health, and long life.

    If you look to have the best results with a turtle, place it towards the front door, so you ground the energy. This will protect your home and its residents from misfortune.

    The dragon turtle is a great force to bring prosperity. This turtle is considered a North energy enhancer and comes in black color. With such a turtle, you can bring prosperity, longevity, protection, and security.

    What’re Three Turtles In Feng Shui?

    As per Feng Shui, the three tired, or triple tortoises, mean to stand for harmony among family and friends.

    There is a belief that they tend to promote love, good luck, and good bonding in the family. Keeping such turtles in your home makes it possible to safeguard the family against bad luck and unfortunate events.

    How About Turtle Rings?

    In recent days, there has been a great swing in the turtle rings. As per the Japanese belief, it is a symbol of prosperity. By Wearing a tortoise ring, you can attract external wealth towards the ring. As the turtle is related to heaven and earth, the surrounding environment becomes pleasant.

    Do Live Turtles Count As Feng Shui Cure As Well?

    A turtle at your home’s back door in a pond is believed to pull good fortune and luck. Turtle is symbolized for longevity due to its ten thousand years lifespan.

    They are the animals who feel very happy to live alone; however, you can keep two or more together. With their attractive character and protective shells, they are represented as symbols of tranquility.

    The market is overwhelmed with various turtle types. Choose the one according to your wish and place them in the direction mentioned in the guide for intended benefits.

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