Why Feng Shui Hugely Improves Your Home?

Why Feng Shui Hugely Improves Your Home

Feng shui is an art form that revolves around the guidelines derived from primordial Eastern principles designed to bring a sense of harmony and balance in our home and our lives.

The core concept of this philosophy is that if your living space is healthy, then you can and will also be healthy.

But still, many people need additional conviction to believe that feng shui can hugely improve their homes.

Does feng shui work?

Yes, it works; it has been around for thousands of years, and it is an ancient practice that has been helping countless households; the more we learn about it, the more we learn about it, the more we see it is helping tremendously.

Feng shui southeast corner

If you have been following feng shui, you must have heard about the southeast corner. But have you ever wondered why it is so famous?

The southeast corner of the house usually receives much attention because it is the wealth and money corner.

Every home has a wealth corner, and when you energize it correctly, it can help you accumulate wealth, properties, and lots of assets. It is not just homes that have money areas; offices and gardens also have money corners.

Sometimes you can have a missing southeast corner in your home. This can cause you many financial problems, and you will struggle to save money and amass great assets and wealth. You may also move from one job to another and fail to have any steady income flow.

Dos and don’ts of the southeast corner

The first thing to do is to take a look at what is happening in this area. Is it well-cleaned, or is it accumulating clutter and dust?

Once you have evaluated this spot, think about everything that could represent abundance and wealth in your life.

If there is a closet in this corner that you don’t open, you might be avoiding dealing with a financial problem.

Repair broken items in this area. If there is something in your home that needs fixing, fix it straight away because it will only take up mental space and cause lots of stress.

Note that broken areas in the southeast corner might also indicate issues in this area of your life.
So, if the item is beyond repair or has no significant meaning, you should let it go.

Declutter this area if you notice items you don’t need. Don’t hold onto things that are no longer useful to you. Letting go of things you don’t need and keeping things you only need can help you cultivate trust in abundance.

If you are looking to decorate it, you need to understand the suitable colors for this area. The wealth area in feng shui is usually associated with the color purple; thus, if you want to activate abundance in your life, make sure you include purple-colored objects in the southeast corner of your home.

Consider adding amethyst crystals to this area or a vase of purple flowers. If you go with fresh purple flowers, make sure you water and cut the stems frequently. Keep them fresh and replace them once they are past their prime. Other purple items you can place here include artworks throw pillows.

Feng shui bedroom layout

Applying feng shui in your bedroom is going to help you in a bunch of ways. The bed is the biggest and most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, and thus it is very crucial to follow feng shui guidelines when placing it in the room.

Positioning your bed according to feng shui rules will create better chi in your space.

The number one feng shui bedroom layout is positioning your bed in the feng shui commanding position of the bed. This requires that you place the bed diagonally from the bedroom door, and the bed should have a strong wall behind it. It also should have a strong headboard and good grounding energy on its sides.

Add a rug to further ground the energy of the whole bedroom to bring strength to this potent feng shui bedroom layout. If you have any other large piece of furniture in your bedroom, chest of drawers, or an armoire, make sure it is positioned at the foot of the bed so that you can keep the energy in your space balanced.

Another popular feng shui bedroom layout is the door to the side of the bed, but further away from the door. This bed should also have a solid wall behind it and great grounding energy on either side. If you have large furniture in here, make sure it helps balance the energy.

The third feng shui bedroom layout involves the bed on the same wall as the door or any other nearby wall, but the bed is extremely protected and grounded. If you choose this layout, make sure you leave plenty of space between the bed and the door while allowing enough space for a nightstand.

Place the bed away from a toilet wall, as this is considered a bad feng shui. If it is unavoidable, consider placing a mirror on the wall behind and above the bed to expand the view of the bedroom beyond.

For adult bedrooms, consider having open space on the right and left sides of the bed, at least 18 inches on each side. It is recommended to position your bed with one side pressing against a wall.

If this arrangement is not possible, do all you can to ensure there is a space on the side of the wall, even if it means having a mirror wall to expand the view of the space.

Another bedroom arrangement you shouldn’t miss is placing the bed with no soffits, beams, or sloped ceilings above. This is because these design features can create needless pressure.

What plant is suitable for a feng shui bedroom?

In terms of suitable plants for your feng shui bedroom, you need to be cautious about what you place in this room. Generally, having a plant in feng shui is a great idea because it helps clean up the air in our space.

But some experts also hold that plants should not be near your bedroom.

It is two conflicting viewpoints that are both correct to some degree.
Generally, you need a plant in your bedroom to bring wood energy, which is known for healing and cultivating kindness and flexibility.

If you have trouble falling asleep with the plant in the bedrooms, observe if things change once you remove the plants.

Most suitable colors for the bed

Since you will be spending most of your time in your bedroom, the energy in this space will have a powerful effect on your health and romantic life.

In general, choosing the right color for your bedroom is not an easy task because what you see on the color sample is not what you will see once you apply it to the wall. Also, every element in your bedroom has to accept the dominant color that you choose.

But following the feng shui guidelines, this process can be super-easy. For instance, any skin color tone is usually good for feng shui. However, skin color tone varies from rich chocolate brown to pure white, and thus, you have a wide range of tones to explore.

But if you want to go deeper, feng shui can also help, albeit with the Bagua colors. By considering the energetic needs of each Bagua area, you will effortlessly come up with the ideal color for your bedroom.

If you are a feng shui newbie, you will need to understand the whole concept of Bagua before using it to come up with suitable bedroom colors.

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